Causes and Remedies of Cotton Fibre Faults

Cotton Definition | Defects of Cotton Fibre | Faults of Cotton Fiber | Reasons of Cotton Fiber Defects or Faults

What is Cotton?
The seed hair of wide variety plants of the gossypium family is known as cotton.

Faults of Cotton:
Different types of defects or faults of cotton fibre have listed in the below:

  1. Dead fibre,
  2. Immature cotton,
  3. Damp cotton,
  4. Paste formation,
  5. Powdery mildew,
  6. Cellulose degradation,
  7. False mildew or grow mildew,
  8. Cake formation,
  9. Cotton rust,
  10. Lint rot,
  11. Sticky cotton.
Cotton fiber
Cotton fiber 
Faults and Remedies of Cotton Fiber:
All the above faults or defects of cotton have explained in the following:

1. Dead fibre:
About 10-15% cotton fibre become dead when we collect it before the right time. So, if we collect this cotton in schedule time then this type of problem will be solved.

2. Immature cotton:
If the tree cotton plant is affected by the insects then this type of problem will be shown.

3. Damp cotton:
This type of problems is shown due to the collection the fiber in moist and cold weather. After drying in sunlight, this type of problems can be removed.
4. Paste formation:
This type of defects also be found due to the attack of insects.

5. Powdery mildew:
It is one kinds of faults which is created due to cultivating cotton in excess dry weather.

6. Cellulose degradation:
Degradation means deformation. It is occurred due to beating the cotton by insects on by using excess insecticides.

7. False mildew or grow mildew:
It is occurred due to attacking of fungus and bad weather.

8. Cake formation:
This type of defects have found due to the attacking of insects.

9. Cotton rust:
Cotton rust defects have found due to cultivate the cotton in dry weather or after rain.
10. Lint rot:
To bear yellowish or brownish color of fibre is known as lint rot. This may occur when cotton be remained in damp environment after collecting.

11. Sticky cotton:
It is other types of defects which is found because of attacking fungus.

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