List of Wool Fabrics Produced in Textile Industry

Different Types of Woolen Fabrics 

Wool Fabric Types in Textile:

The woolen fabrics are divided into worsted fabrics and woolen fabrics; it is not simply that the worsted fabrics are woven with worsted yarn and the woolen fabrics are woven with the woolen yarn. Apart from this distinction, there are fabrics, which have worsted yarn, or cotton yarn used for the warps and woolen yarn is used for the wefts. The finished appearance looks similar to that of woolen fabrics. Therefore, these are treated as woolen fabrics.

Types of woolen fabrics in textile
Fig: Types of woolen fabrics in textile

In Japan, when the common name “Rassha” is mentioned, sometimes, it points to the meaning of natural and woolen fabric and sometimes it points to the meaning of woolen dress material of worsted and woolen yarn. Thus, there is no clear term distinguishing the two apart.

In English also, the term “woolen fabric” is used generally widely for all woolen fabrics and narrowly only for “spun” woolen fabric. In accordance, when the general woolen fabrics are to be pointed, the proper expressions are “worsted” and “woolen” fabric.

The plain colored woolen fabrics are usually dyed after the weaving is over, in case of almost all worsted and woolen yarns. However, for the marble and striped fabrics, mainly top dyeing (in case of worsted) or wool dyeing (in case of woolen) is done. Thus, there is distinction of pre-dyeing post dyeing between the two.

Moreover, in the former woolen fabrics, there were no printed fabrics except for muslin, which was also very little. But, in the recent years, the printed fabrics are becoming common in the dress materials for ladies.

What Types of Woolen Fabrics Produced in Textile Industry?

There are different types of woolen fabrics are produced in textile industry. Those are presented in the below as “Worsted fabrics”, “Woolen fabrics” and “Mixed woven woolen fabrics”:

Worsted Fabrics:

  1. Serge fabric,
  2. Gabardine fabric,
  3. Tropical fabric,
  4. Poral fabric,
  5. Doeskin fabric,
  6. Venetian fabric,
  7. Sun cloth fabric,
  8. Pique fabric,
  9. Herring bone fabric,
  10. Shark skin fabric,
  11. Astrakhan fabric,
  12. Suiting fabric,
  13. Lining fabric,
  14. Muslin fabric,
  15. Wool kimono fabric,
  16. Silk woolen kimono fabric.

Woolen Fabrics:

  1. Flannel fabric,
  2. Flano fabric,
  3. Melton fabric,
  4. Cashmere fabric,
  5. Tweed fabric,
  6. Home spun fabric.

Mixed Woven Woolen Fabrics:

  1. Alpaca fabric,
  2. Plush fabric,
  3. Moquette fabric,
  4. Teremp fabric.

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