Different Action of Carding Machine

What is Carding Machine? | Action in Caring Machine | Carding Action | Stripping Action | Doffing Action | Combing action

Carding Machine:
Carding is the second process after blow room processing in spinning. Carding machine is used here to complete all the actions needed here. This article has presented a details discussion on the actions of carding machine.
Action in carding machine
Action in carding machine
Important Action of Carding Machine:
Some important actions of carding machine have pointed out in the below:

  1. Carding action,
  2. Stripping action,
  3. Doffing action,
  4. Combing action.
All the above carding actions have explained in the below:

1. Carding Action:
If two closed surfaces have opposite wire direction and their relative motion or speed direction is also opposite then the two actions among two surfaces is termed as carding action.

Carding action is done between cylinder and flat. Here, wire direction and speed direction is also opposite. There always should be point against point direction if the two surfaces move in the same direction but at different speed.

2. Stripping Action:
Stripping action is that where two close surfaces have same wire direction and their relative motion or speed direction is also same.

Stripping action is occurred between cylinder and taker, striper and doffer. Here, speed direction and wire direction is same. In striping action there always should be back and point action.

3. Doffing Action:
Doffing action is termed in that cases when two close surfaces wire points are inclined in the opposite direction and also their speed direction is same then the action is known as doffing action.

This type of carding machine action is done between doffer and cylinder. Here, speed direction is same but wire direction is opposite. It should be noted here that, it is a special type of carding machine action. Sliver formation has done by using this action.

4. Combing action:
Combing action has done between taker in and feed roller. In combing action, pin direction is same.

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