Causes and Remedies of Carding Faults in Spinning

Carding Faults | Causes of Carding Faults | Remedies of Carding Faults | Problems of Carding Process | Reasons of Carding Faults

Carding Machine Faults:
Carding is known as the heart of total spinning. Carding machine produces sliver from processing laps. In total process of carding, there are various faults are arise which are deeply discussed in this article.
Carding machine in spinning
Carding machine in spinning
List of Carding Faults in Spinning:
All the faults of carding process have pointed out in the below:

  1. Variation of sliver,
  2. Web sagging,
  3. Hole in web,
  4. Cloudy web,
  5. High nep count.
Reasons and Remedies of Carding Faults in Spinning:
1. Variation of sliver:

  • Uneven and irregular lap feed.
  • Wider setting of taker in to cylinder and feed plate to feed roller.
  • Excessive tension between calendar roller to coiler head.
  • Due to damage of calendar roller or doffer or feed plate.
  • Lap feeding should be even and regular.
  • Perfect setting should be kept at feed plate to feed roller and taker in to cylinder.
  • Required tension should be applied between calendar roller to coiler head.
  • Fault free calendar roller or feed plate or doffer should be used.
2. Web Sagging:

  • Lower amount of humidity.
  • Excessive doffer speed.
  • Tension draft lower among cylinder and doffer.
  • Humidity should be kept at 50-60%.
  • Required amount of doffer speed should be used.
  • Increasing tension draft among doffer and cylinder.
3. Hole in web:

  • Different heights of wire points.
  • Faulty wire on doffer or card.
  • Wire height should be same for all.
  • Fault free wire should be used on card or doffer.
4. Cloudy Web:

  • Wide setting among flats and cylinder.
  • Over loading of wire.
  • Defective wire on flats, doffer, taker in and cylinder.
  • Exact setting should be applied between cylinder and flats.
  • Grinding the organs of card.
  • Fault free wire should be used on doffer, cylinder, taker in and flats.
5. High nep count:

  • Too wide setting among flat and cylinder or cylinder and doffer.
  • Higher amount of relative humidity %.
  • Faulty doffer, taker in wire.
  • Improper setting among cylinder to flat and cylinder to doffer.
  • Perfect settings have to use between carding cylinder and doffer or flat and cylinder.
  • Relative humidity% should be perfect.
  • Damage free taker in or doffer wire have to use.
  • Correct setting have to applied between cylinder to doffer and cylinder to flat.

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