Fabric Cutting Method | Cutting Cost Calculation Formula | Fabric Cutting Cost in Bangladesh

Fabric Cutting: Method and Cutting Cost Calculation Formula

Cutting Department in Apparel Industry:

Fabric cutting is one of the most important processes in readymade apparel industry. Apparel will be ready to wear when it will be completed by sewing all the fabric parts of apparel. In cutting department, there are various types of cutting machine used such as straight knife cutting machine, band knife cutting machine, die cutting machine etc.
Cutting department in apparel industry
Fig: Cutting department in apparel industry
Objects of Fabric Cutting in Apparel Industry: 

There are some key purposes of fabric cutting in clothing manufacturing factory. Those are-

  1. Fabric should be cut by definite or specific some size to be it is useable to make apparel.
  2. It is possible to cut thousands of apparel fabrics of same design apparel.
  3. To make these cutting fabrics suitable to use in the next processes i.e. sewing process.
  4. Thousands of pieces of apparel fabric are being cut at the same time one time on a cutting table.
Methods of Fabric Cutting in Apparel Technology: 

There are mainly two methods followed in apparel sector during cutting. Those are-

1. Manual Method: 
Manual method includes-
  • Round knife,
  • Band knife,
  • Notcher,
  • Hand operated scissors,
  • Drill,
  • Straight knife,
  • Die Cutting.
2. Computerized Method: 
Computerized method includes the following:
  • Plasma torch cutting,
  • Knife cutting,
  • Cutting by water jet,
  • Laser beam cutting.
Fabric Cutting Cost Calculation Formula:

During cutting cost calculation, a formula has to maintain which is in the below:

Cutting cost per apparel or garment, 
     Direct material cost + Direct labor cost + Direct Expense cost + Overhead cost
= …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 

                                                Total cutting production

Major Elements of Cutting Cost Calculation in Apparel Sector: 
In apparel manufacturing industry, the cost elements involved in the cutting process is as in the following:
  1. Number of lay or plies.
  2. Types of fabric- Thick, light or delicate fabric.
  3. Types of cutting- Manual or by using machine.
  4. Modern computerized cutting machine.
  5. Number of components in the apparel.
  6. Efficiency of marker planning.
  7. Color assortments while arranging the ply.
  8. Style of the apparel.
  9. Ply direction.
Fabric Cutting Cost in Bangladeshi Apparel Manufacturing Factory: 
The approximate cutting cost of different types of apparel have mentioned in the following chart:
SL No.
Types of Apparel
Cutting Cost
3.00 taka
Shorts or under garments
1.50 taka
0.70 taka
Trouser or long pant
3.50 taka

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