Features and Working Principle of Cone Winding Machine in Textile Weaving

Cone Winding Machine in Textile:
Cone winding machine is one of the types of winding machine. There are several types of winding machine also such as flanged bobbin winding m/c, cheese winding m/c, winding m/c and cop winding m/c etc. This article has shown the features and working principle of cone winding m/c.
Cone winding machine used in textile sector
Cone winding machine used in textile sector
Features of Cone Winding Machine Used in Textile Weaving Sector:
There are different key features of cone winding m/c which are pointed out in the following:

  1. In cone winding m/c, reciprocating cams which are attached with the traversing guide and attached with a shaft.
  2. Also cam controls the yarn with the yarn guide.
  3. Here, cone are placed on the cone holder and kept on the contact of the drum.
  4. A drum is in opposition of each cone.
Working Procedure of Cone Winding Machine:
The total working procedure of a cone winding machine has described I the below:

  1. Gets motion from the motor in one side of machine and cam shaft and drum shaft rotates by motor pulley.
  2. Yarn supply gets from a bobbin and yarn go to the cone by yarn stop motion guide and yarn traversing guide.
  3. Since cones are on holder and are contact with drum, cone rotates due to the friction of drum and holder and holder and finally become winding on yarn cone.
  4. This type of winding is controlled with yarn guide.
  5. Winding is stop with stop motion mechanism when yarn breakage.
  6. When cone gets predetermined width, discrete from the drum and contact automatically and placed the new cone by taken out of the cone.
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  3. Explain the cone winding process of winding m/c.
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