Garment Washing Machine List | Garments Washing Advantages

Garment Washing Machine List and Their Advantages

Garments Washing Industry:

In the ready-made apparel manufacturing sector, garment washing is a new technology. After making garments from solid color dyed or pigment printed fabrics, the garments were washed. By garments washing, color and outlook of the garments are modified. As a result, new outlook and appearance is produced in the garments, which is not possible in any other process.
Garment washing machine
Fig: Garment washing machine

Moreover due to washing, starch materials present in the garments are removed, as a result washed garments could be wearing after purchase directly from the store or shop. Washed apparel could be purchased as per expected size because some apparel shrinks after completion of washing process.

What is Garment Washing?

Normally garments washing means cleaning of dirty garments with soap or detergent. But it is not that garment washing. Industrial garments washing is a technology which is applied to modify the outlook, comfort ability, appearance and design of the readymade garments made from solid color dyed or pigment printed fabric is known as garments washing. In our country, garments washing technology started from 1988 and popularity of garments washing is increasing day by day.

Advantages of Garments Washing:

Human choice, demand, garments fashion and design are changing very quickly with the change of time. To meet the demand of users, garments manufacturers are adapting new technology and processes. Garment washing is a new technology, which is capable to meet the present requirements. This technology requires new machineries and different types of washing chemicals. Different advantages of different apparel washing are presented in the following:

  1. Feeling and softness of apparel could be further increased.
  2. In the garments, dirts and spots are removed if presents.
  3. Starch materials present in the new fabrics of the new apparel are removed. As a result, garment feels very soft during use.
  4. By the application of various washing methods, different outlook of garments could be produced in the garments.
  5. In regular or irregular pattern, fading effect is produced in the garments.
  6. After purchasing from store, washed garments could be wearing directly.
  7. Initial investment cost to set-up an apparel washing plant or washing factory in Bangladesh is comparatively low.
  8. During garment washing, shrinkage occurs. As a result, there is no possibility of further shrinkage.
  9. As per specific design, fading effect could be produced in the specific area of the garments.
  10. By the application of different washing techniques, similar outlook can be produced in the garments.

List of Garment Washing Machine Used in Washing Plant:

Apparel washing techniques needs the following machines for different types of apparel washing. The most common garment washing machines are listed in the below:

  1. Sample washing machine,
  2. Front loading washing machine,
  3. Chemical mixing machine,
  4. Industrial woven (Electric),
  5. Submersible pump,
  6. Side loading washing machine,
  7. Tagging machine,
  8. Sand blasting chamber,
  9. Effluent treatment plant (E.T.P),
  10. Sand blasting gun,
  11. Laser draw,
  12. Screw compressor,
  13. Industrial woven (Gas),
  14. Spray gun,
  15. Hydro extractor machine,
  16. Steam dryer,
  17. Gas dryer,
  18. Boiler,
  19. Grinding machine,
  20. Steam chamber for crinkle,
  21. Generator,
  22. Spray dummy.

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