Dyeing Cost Calculation Formula | Factors of Dyeing Cost | Dyeing Cost in Bangladesh

Dyeing Cost Calculation Formula and Factors of Dyeing Cost

Definition of Dyeing or Wet Processing:

The method of applying color to the fiber stock, yarn or fabric is termed as dyeing. There may or may not be thorough penetration of the colorant into the yarns or fibers.
Dyeing cost calculation formula
Dyeing cost calculation formula
Methods of Dyeing in Textile:

There are mainly nine types of dyeing methods in textile industry. Those are listed in the following:

  1. Bale Dyeing,
  2. Cross Dyeing,
  3. Random Dyeing,
  4. Beam Dyeing,
  5. Jig Dyeing,
  6. Batik Dyeing,
  7. Chain Dyeing,
  8. Burl or speck Dyeing,
  9. Piece Dyeing.
Dyeing Cost Calculation Formula in Wet Processing:

To find out the dyeing cost in textile wet processing industry, the below formula have to follow:

Dyeing cost per kg,

         D.M+ D.L+ D.E+ OH
= ………………………………………

      Total dyeing production

D.M = Direct materials cost,
D.L = Direct labor cost,
D.E = Direct expense cost,

OH = Overhead cost.

Elements of Dyeing Cost:

The cost elements involved in the textile dyeing process are as follows:

Direct materials cost (D.M) = Dyes and chemicals,
Direct labor cost (D.L) = Operators and helpers for definite job,
Direct expense cost (D.E) = Cost of re-dyeing, re-washing etc.

Overhead cost (OH) = Power, steam, rent, effluent treatment, transport, laboratory etc.

Key Factors of Dyeing Cost in Textile:

There are some key points or factors which are directly affected on textile dyeing cost. Those are presented in the following:

  1. Special dyes and chemicals.
  2. Types of dyeing- reactive, direct, vat, sulfur etc.
  3. Fabric types- delicate, blended, light or heavy fabric etc.
  4. Dyeing processing time.
  5. Effluent treatment cost.
  6. Types of dyeing machine- soft flow, winch dyeing machine etc.
  7. Types of color- medium, light, dark.
  8. Laboratory expenses.
Approximate Dyeing Cost in Bangladeshi Dyeing Factories:
Approximate cost examples of different levels of colors in textile dyeing process are as follows:
SL No.
Winch (Per kg)
Soft Flow (Per kg)
Bleaching or whitening
38 taka
50 taka
Light color
65-75 taka
75-100 taka
Medium color
75-90 taka
100-130 taka
Dark color
100-115 taka
130-150 taka
13 taka
13 – 20 taka

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