Key Features of Hand Loom and Power Loom

Characteristics of Hand Loom | Characteristics of Power Loom

What is Hand Loom?
It is an easy machine which is used for woven fabric manufacturing. Hand loom is powered by hand. In case of hand loom, the warp yarn passes through a heddle and through the space between the shed. Here, shuttle is used for insertion of pick. Hand loom is the first and the oldest loom among all the looms used in weaving technology.
Hand loom used in weaving
Hand loom used in weaving
Features of Hand Loom:
Some key features of hand loom have pointed out in the below:

  1. In hand loom, shuttle looms are too much slow and creates more noise.
  2. This types of loom cannot produce complex design of fabric than power loom.
  3. Here, shuttle is used for pick insertion during weaving.
  4. Hand loom has needed less initial cost than that of power loom.
  5. Hand loom is the oldest kinds of loom.
  6. Its amount of production is less than power loom.
  7. Its produced very low quality of woven fabric.
  8. Hand loom is operated by man power or hand.
What is Power Loom?
Power loom plays an important role in modern weaving sector. This types of loom is powered by motor in lieu of hand which we have seen in case of hand loom. Power loom produces fabric automatically by using various types of loom motions.
Power loom used in weaving factory
Power loom used in weaving factory
Features of Power Loom:
The main characteristics of power loom has mentioned in the following:

  1. It can be produced more complex design than hand loom.
  2. Power loom has higher production capacity than hand loom.
  3. This types of loom has needed more initial cost than hand loom.
  4. It has the risk of fire hazard.
  5. In case of power loom, shuttle is used for picking purpose.
  6. Hand loom is driven by electric power or steam.
  7. In power loom, jacquard, dobby and tappet shedding can be used here.
  8. Higher quality woven fabric can be produced here.

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