Difference Between Hand Loom, Power Loom and Modern Loom

Definition of Modern Loom | Difference Between Power Loom and Hand Loom

What is Modern Loom?

In weaving technology, modern looms means shuttle less loom. During the 20th century, this type of loom machine has started to develop. There are various types of modern loom machines used in weaving factory.

Types of loom in textile weaving
Fig: Types of loom in textile weaving
Classification of Modern Loom:
Modern loom or shuttle less loom has classified into four types, those are-

  1. Projectile loom,
  2. Air jet loom,
  3. Rapier loom,
  4. Multiphase loom.

Features of Air Jet Loom:
The key characteristics of air jet loom have pointed out in the below:

  • In air jet loom, weft insertion is done by air force.
  • Here, for producing fancy fabric, finer count of yarn is used as weft yarn.
Advantages of Air Jet Loom:
Those ares-

  • By using this loom, very complex design fabric can be produced.
  • This type of loom has higher capacity of production
  • Higher quality fabric can be produced here.
Disadvantages of Air Jet Loom:
Those ares-

  • It has needed high nozzle pressure.
  • It may loose pick.
Comparison Between Hand Loom, Power Loom and Modern Loom:
SL No.
Different Matters
Hand Loom
Power Loom
Modern Loom
Types of loom
It is shuttle loom.
It is also shuttle loom.
It is shuttle less loom.
Driving method
Driven by manual method.
Driven by electric power or steam.
It is driven by electric power.
No. of Warp Shed
Higher Warp shed needed.
Lower shed needed.
Lower shed needed.
Production capacity
Lower production.
Higher production than hand loom.
Higher capacity than power loom.
Quality of produced design
Simple design can be produced.
Complex design can produce.
Complex design
Running speed
Slow speed.
High speed.
High speed.
Variety of design
Less number of design varieties can produce.
More number of design variety than hand loom.
More number of design variety than power loom.
Initial investment
Investment is lower.
Investment is higher.
Shedding method
Shedding is done by pedal.
Shedding is done automatically.
Picking & beating method
Done by manually.
Done by automatically.

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