Most Common Abbreviations of Yarn Manufacturing Technology

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Basic Textile Terms:
In textile industry, spinning process starts from fibre and ends at yarn production. Here, a lot of terms and definitions used through the process. Sometimes we have to face some important abbreviations in interview board from spinning sector. As its importance, this article has presented the most common abbreviations of yarn manufacturing technology.
Spinning floor
Spinning floor
Essential Abbreviation of Spinning Sector:

  1. AFIS = Advance fibre information system,
  2. T.P.I = Twist per inch,
  3. M.T.P.I= Mechanical twist per inch,
  4. T.P.M = Twist per meter,
  5. T.P.Cm= Twist per centimeter,
  6. P.I = pressleys index,
  7. P.I = pressleys index,
  8. C.S.P=Count Strength product,
  9. WIRA= Woolen industries research association,
  10. T.M= Twist multiplier,
  11. F.F.P= Floating fiber percentage,
  12. P.S.I= Pressure per square inch,
  13. F.Q.I= Fibre quality index,
  14. C.D.S= Count data system,
  15. C.R.T= Constant rate of traverse,
  16. C.R.L= Constant r rate of loading,
  17. CSIRO= Common wealth scientific and industrial research organization,
  18. M.M.F= Man made fibre,
  19. T.F= Twist factor,
  20. U.R= Uniformity ratio,
  21. C.V%= Co-efficient of variation percentage,
  22. C.E= Cleaning efficiency,
  23. I.SO= International standard organization,
  24. I.IC= International institute for cotton,
  25. H.S.C= Highest standard count,
  26. P.M.D= Percentage mean deviation,
  27. LINRA= Linen industry research association,
  28. S.C.I= Spinning consistency index,
  29. S.C.P= Spindle change pinion,
  30. S.S.C.P= Spindle speed change pinion,
  31. W.I= Wear index,
  32. S.P.M.F= Multi-function separator,
  33. M.I.C= Micronaire value,
  34. U.I= Uniformity index,
  35. R.R.W= Required ratchet wheel,
  36. D.C.C.P= Draft constant change pinion,
  37. D.V= Desired value,
  38. BIAS= Bale inventory analysis system,
  39. R.D= Reflectance degree,
  40. U.H.M.L= Upper halt mean length,
  41. S.C.F= Seed coat fragments,
  42. M.R= Moisture ratio,
  43. H.V.I= High volume instrument,
  44. B.P.I= Beats per inch,
  45. P.C.W= Production change wheel,
  46. P.R.W= Present ratchet wheel,
  47. R.W= Ratchet wheel,
  48. R.P.M= Revolution per minute,
  49. D.C= Draft constant,
  50. T.G= Tacho generator,
  51. T.D= Time delay,
  52. D.C.P= Draft change pinion,
  53. L.C.W= Lift change wheel,
  54. R.L.C.W= Required lift change wheel,
  55. M.D= Mechanical draft,
  56. B.L.F= Bangladesh labor federation,
  57. T.W= Tapper wheel,
  58. T.C.P= Twist change pinion,
  59. T.C.C.P= Twist constant change pinion,
  60. L.C.P= Lifter change pinion,
  61. P.L.C.W= Present lift change wheel,
  62. A.D= Actual draft,
  63. C.B.C= Carper batching cloth,
  64. C.B.A= Collective bargening agent,
  65. P.P.M= Picks per meter,
  66. B.J.T.U= Bangladesh jute trade union.

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