Viva Questions and Answers for Spinning Job

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Interview Questions for Spinning Job:
Spinning is the heart of total textile. A job applicant should have clear concept about spinning as well as with the other sections of textile to satisfy the recruiter in the interview board. This article will be very useful for all the job seekers to prepare themselves.
Textile spinning floor
Textile spinning floor
Important Terms and Definitions of Yarn Manufacturing Sector:

1. What is textile fibre?
The fiber which contains staple length, strength, flexibility, fineness, color, less trash percentage characteristics of creaminess is known as textile fiber.

2. What is yarn?
A product of substantial length and relatively small cross section consisting of fibres and or filaments with or without twist is known as yarn.
3. What is staple fibre?
The fibre which has staple length is known as staple fiber.
4. What is staple length?
The characteristics fiber length of a sample of staple fibers is known as staple length.

5. What is elasticity?
The properties of a substance by which it comes it original position after withdrawn the applied load on it is known as elasticity.
6. What is bobbin?
A cylindrical or slightly tapered former with or without a flange or flange for holding slub, roving or yarn.

7. What is filament?
The long continuous fiber is known as filament.

8. What is denier?
The mass in grams of 9000 meter of a fiber, yarn or filament is known as denier.

9. What is elastic limit?
The limit up to which a substance shows the elastic property is known as elastic limit.

10. What is elastomer?
Any polymer having high extensibility together with rapid and substantially complete elastic recovery is known as elastomer. Example: synthetic rubber, natural rubber, and silicon runner.

11. What is extension at break or breaking extension?
The extension percentage of a test specimen at breaking point is known as extension at break or breaking extension.

12. What is fibre?
The material which is used to produce textile materials is known as fiber.

13. What is feed roller?
A roller that forwards a yarn of a subsequent processing or take-up stage is termed as feed roller.

14. What is flammability?
The ability of a material to burn with a flame under specified test condition is termed as flammability.

15. What is hank?
Hank is the traditional unit of length in the indirect system of yarn count e.g. the cotton count of a yarn is calculated as the number of hanks of 840 yds per pound. It is applied to sliver, roving or slub.
16. What is humidity?
The term which is sued to describe the moisture existing in the atmosphere is known as humidity.

17. What is elongation?
The increase in length of a specimen during a tensile test expressed in units of length is known as elongation.

18. What is luster?
The display of different intensities of light, reflected both secular and diffusely from various parts of surface exposed to the same incident light is termed as luster.

19. What is synthetic fiber?
The fibre which is produced artificially is known s synthetic fiber. Example: Polythene.

20. What is micronaire value?
Weight in micro grams per inch is known as micronaire value. The micronaire value regarded as identification of maturity and fineness.

21. What is seed cotton?
The cotton which has been harvested but not ginned so that the fibre is still attached to the seed is termed as seed cotton.

22. What is mildew?
A growth of certain specials of fungi is termed as mildew.
23. What is nep?
A small knot of entangled fiber is known as nep.

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