Necessary Formula for Textile Finishing Cost Calculation | Fabric Finishing Cost in Bangladesh

Important Formula for Textile Finishing Cost Calculation

Fabric Finishes and Treatments:

Textile finishing and finishers are normally classified in several ways. The most common classifications are being aesthetic finishes and functional finishes. Aesthetic finishes modify the appearance or feel or drape of the fabrics. On the other hand,, functional finishes improve the performance properties of the fabrics.
Textile finishing process
Fig: Textile finishing process
Finishes are also categorized as chemical or wet finish and mechanical or dry finish. The examples of different textile finishing’s are rising, calendaring, shearing, softening, stiffening, anti static, crease resistant, flame resistant, water proof, soil release, durable press etc.

Textile Finishing Cost Calculation Formula:

The following formula has to apply during calculating textile finishing cost.

Finishing cost per kg,

D.L+ D.M+ D.E+ O.H
= ………………………………….
Total finishing production

D.L stands at direct labor cost,
D.M stands at direct material cost,
D.E stands at direct expenses cost,
O.H stands at total overhead cost.

Main Elements of Textile Finishing Cost:
The cost elements in the textile finishing process have presented in the below:

  1. Direct labor cost- Operators and helpers for specific job,
  2. Direct material cost- Finishing chemicals,
  3. Direct expense cost- Cost of re-finishing, raising, compacting etc.
  4. Overhead cost- Power, steam, salary etc.

Key Factors of Textile Finishing Cost:
Some important factors which are directly affected on textile finishing have listed in the following:

  1. Finishing chemicals,
  2. Types of textile finishing i.e. soft, stiff, anti-bacterial, water repellent etc.
  3. Method of textile finishing i.e. mechanical finishing or chemical finishing.
  4. Production capacity in textile finishing department.
Approximate Textile Finishing Cost in Bangladesh:
The approximate cost examples of different textile finishing are as follows:
SL No.
Types of Textile Finishing
Textile Finishing Costs
Soft finish
25-30 taka per kg
80-100 taka per kg
Water proof
50-60 taka per kg
8-10 taka per kg
Heat setting
8-10 taka per kg

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