12 Causes of Low Apparel Productivity in Manufacturing Industry

Factors Affecting Apparel Productivity in Manufacturing Industry:

Clothing manufacturing factories or Bangladesh work with quite poor apparel productivity, which is manifested by the off-the clock work in this very vital sector of our industry. The major stumbling block is the poor management status in this sector. Factory management hardly strives for achieving improved productivity and performance.
Sewing line in apparel industry
Fig: Sewing line in apparel industry

The number of industries that look for better systems and management tools are very few and far between. This lack of interest most probably emanates from the easy availability of cheap labor in this part of the world through during the last few years female workers are not in abundant supply due to completely other reasons. Especially, due to shortage or non-availability of living quarters for the teen age female workers. Management my easily coerce worker for off-the clock work.

The local laws existing in the books are not enforced. So, factory authority looks for long hours of work rather than looking for modern management tools to complete the apparel production target within the designated hours of work. This is the main reason why a vast industrial sector has been working without modern management tools like work study methods. ISO 9000.2000, TQM etc.

Reason For Lower Productivity in Apparel Manufacturing Industry:

Apparel industries work under great stress & with poor productivity due to the below reasons:
  1. They cannot source materials such as fabrics, trims, accessories etc. on time. So, apparel production is disrupted.
  2. Composite mills cannot develop fabrics of designated quality as per schedule.
  3. Lab dip takes a long time to develop.
  4. Personnel’s, supervisors, managers are poorly trained. So, productivity is poor.
  5. Modern management systems like work-study have not been launched.
  6. Apparel production lines are poorly designed & balanced entailing poor productivity.
  7. Workers are not properly taken care of. So, they are not motivated.
  8. Employees & workers are not continuously trained. So, there is poor performance.
  9. The concept of continuous improvement in all walks of work has not been assimilated in the apparel industry.
  10. Social compliance has not been instituted in the industry with full force.
  11. Workers salary and overtimes are not delivered on time thus pushing workers to the extreme of dissatisfaction.
  12. Harassment, insult, humiliation etc. are rampant in the apparel manufacturing industries that impede apparel productivity & performance.

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