Relationship Between Teamwork and Apparel Productivity

Effect of Teamwork on Textile and Apparel Productivity:

Employees in a textile or clothing manufacturing factory work in teams. But team working is not so easy because each person is different and each has differing personality, taste, perceptions and motivation. All these together lead to conflicting situation in a team.
Teamwork and Productivity
Fig: Teamwork and Productivity
Impact of Teamwork on Apparel Productivity:
Employees at workplace also compete with each other for individual growth and self-advancement. This competition does not take straight root or fair path all the time. Some employees feel jealousy to others growth and advancement as well as to their skill, workmanship and efficiency. They try to use intrigues, collusion etc. in this competition.

Such behavior at workplace leads to conflicting situations and unhealthy environment. This culture eventually leads to indiscipline, poor work efficiency, low quality and poor productivity. This also affects motivation and morale of employees.

Teamwork and Productivity in the Workplace:

Investigations by social scientists show that employees at workplace generally engage in three types of relationship with each other. Those are explained in the below:

1. I win you loose:
These types of employees are selfish and self-seekers at the expense of others. Sometimes their such behavior is driven by sheer jealously to colleagues, subordinates and seniors. They try to block others growth and advancement by diverse ways and means while adamantly seeking own growth. This culture is devastating for the organization and congenial work environment. As a result productivity falters.

2. I lose you win:
There is a second category of people who because of inefficiency or other poor attributes cannot achieve success at workplace and become envious to others. they want to block others success at any cost. Their attribute is “as I think so all around me should also sink”. This attitude is also driven by sheer jealousy to advancement of colleagues, seniors and subordinates. Such culture and attitude to others leads to conflict and non-cooperative environment at workplace and so poor efficiency, motivation and morale of employees in the organization.

3. I win you win:
This is the best attitude that triggers cooperative and excellent relationship among the employees. Such relationship leads to higher motivation, better morale of employees and so promotes productivity and quality of work. This attitude greatly contributes to work culture, organizational effectiveness and growth of the organization.

Each and every organization seeking to promote organizational efficiency must train the employees to assimilate the attitude of “I win you win” attitude. This culture eventually leads to “win-win situation” in the organization and contributes to attain higher productivity.

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