Types and Properties of Textile Fibre

Types of Textile Fiber | Classification of Fiber | Characteristics of Fiber | Characteristics of Textile Fiber | Physical Properties of Fiber | Chemical Properties of Fiber | Mechanical Properties of Fiber

What is Fibre or Fiber?
It is defined as one of the delicate, hair portions of the tissues of a plant or animal or other substances that are very small in diameter in relation to their length. A fibre is a material which is several hundred times as long as it’s thick.
Textile fibre
Textile fibre

What is Textile Fibre?

Textile fibres are the materials at natural or artificial origin which can be converted into yarn and fabric for clothing and also for domestic and industrial purposes by interlacing or interloping.

In other words, the raw material (natural or artificial origin) which is sued to produce yarn in order to make fabric is known as textile fibre.

In simple words, a slender filament or fine strand of sufficient length pliability, fineness, flexibility and strength to be spun into yarns and woven into cloth is known as textile fibre.

Classification of Textile Fibre:
Textile fibres are classified in many ways. Those are pointed out in the below:

  1. According to length,
  2. According to botanical or zoological or chemical name,
  3. According to thermo plasticity,
  4. According to the ability to attack water,
  5. According to their utility,
  6. According to their nature and origin.
Properties of Textile Fibre:
The main properties of textile fibre have mentioned in the following:

  1. Physical properties,
  2. Chemical properties,
  3. Mechanical properties.
Physical Properties of Textile Fibre:
Those are-

  • Length,
  • Resiliency,
  • Fineness,
  • Work of rupture,
  • Crimp,
  • Density,
  • Maturity,
  • Appearance,
  • Maturity,
  • Flexibility,
  • Lusture,
  • Toughness,
  • Softness,
  • Elongation.
Chemical Properties of Textile Fibre:
Those are-

  • Solubility in organic salt,
  • Solubility in aqueous salt.
Mechanical Properties of Textile Fibre:
Those are-

  • Elasticity,
  • Strength,
  • Rigidity,
  • Extensibility.

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