20 Key Difference Between Natural and Man-Made Fibre

All Fibres are not Textile Fiber (Natural Fibre and Synthetic Fiber):

All the fibers cannot be textile fibres due to being textile fibers (natural fibre and synthetic fiber) it should possess some significant qualities. It should have sufficient strength, fineness, length, elasticity, crimp, friction power to protect the effect of biological agents etc. It should be available too.

Natural fibre VS man-made fibre
Fig: Natural fiber VS man-made fiber

Cotton, jute, etc. are textile fibers as they have the above characteristics but fibers of the banana tree only fibre and not textile fibers as they do not possess strength, elasticity, appearance etc. This is why we can say that all fibres are not textile fibers in the spinning industry.

Difference Between Natural Fiber and Man-Made Fiber:

SL No.
Natural Fibre
Man-Made Fibre or Synthetic Fiber
The fibers which we get from nature are known as natural fibre.
The fibers which are developed by man are known as man-made fiber.
It is comparatively less durable.
It is comparatively more durable than natural fire.
For natural fibre, we have to depend on nature.
It can grow everywhere. No dependence on nature.
Number of molecules is controlled by nature.
No. of molecules controlled by man.
The fabric made from natural fibre is more comfortable and also good for health.
Man-made fibre is not comfortable and good for health as natural fiber.
Normally, natural fibers are hydrophilic.
Man-made fibers are hydrophobic.
It is hygienic.
Some are not hygienic.
It is expensive.
It is cheaper than natural fibre.
The length cannot be controlled here.
Length can be controlled.
It is not favorable for finishing.
It is favorable for finishing.
Here, no need spinneret.
Spinneret needs to produce filament.
It is easy to dye.
It is not easy to dye.
Uses of natural fiber are limited.
There are so many uses of man-made fibers.
No spinning process is required to produce filament.
The different spinning processes like melt, dry, wet etc. are required here.
Natural crimp remains here.
No natural crimp remains.
Impossible to change structure.
Possible to change structure here.
In most cases, scouring and bleaching are done.
Very often, bleaching and scouring are done.
Dust and trash remain in fibre.
No dust and trash are remained.
It comparatively has less lifetime.
It comparatively has more lifetime.
Natural colors are found here.
No natural color is found here.

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