Working Principle of Breaker Carding Machine in Textile Spinning Industry

Breaker Carding Machine in Spinning:
In case of breaker carding machine, breaker cards are normally half circular and down striking. By using the action of cylinder and worker, the primary function of jute carding is performed; whereas the cleaning process executed between the stripper and worker. It is named as breaker card due to its breaking ability to the long reeds of jute.
Material passage diagram of breaker carding machine
Material passage diagram of breaker carding machine 
Working Procedure of Breaker Carding Machine in Textile Spinning Sector:
The total working procedure of a breaker carding machine has discussed in the below:

  1. The roll of 6-8 spreader slivers are feed on to the feed sheet from a creel at floor level towards the feed roller of the breaker card.
  2. The jute now enters the m/c via shell feed which is comprised of a cast iron shell and a pin feed roller.
  3. The jute enters the space between the shell and pin feed roller which travels towards the swift moving pins of the main cylinder.
  4. They are split, opened out and converted in to a fibrous beard, when the feeding ends of the reeds meet these fast moving pins.
  5. When jute fibers come in contact with the slow speed of the workers which gives carding action together with the cylinder but not stripping.
  6. The back pointing pins of the worker opposes cylinder pins, point against point to catch up loose fibers and at the same time open out and card the fiber.
  7. The fibrous raw striped by the workers are carried round with them and ultimately stripped by pins of the faster running stripper roller.
  8. The wastage is then discharged through the tin cylinder.
  9. In this way, jute passes 1st and 2nd worker stripper pairs.
  10. After leaving the 2nd worker stripper pair fleece of fibers meet the doffer which stripes jute off the cylinder.
  11. Then the fibers pass through drawing roller into V- shaped condenser.
  12. The fibers are delivered to delivery roller and delivery processing roller.
  13. Finally, the sliver obtained in the roll form.

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