Working Principle of Ribbon Lap Machine in Textile Industry

Ribbon Lap Former Machine in Textile Spinning:
In case of ribbon lap former machine, the laps made from the sliver lap machine are drafted. After that, the webs from sliver laps are superimposed, calendared and finally wound on to the bobbin for creeling at the comber. Here, the usual draft applied is six. Weight of lap per yard is up to 700 grains and total weight of lap is up to 20 pounds.
Ribbon lap former machine used in spinning
Ribbon lap former machine used in spinning
Working Procedure of Ribbon Lap Former Machine in Textile Spinning Sector:
The machine description and material passage of ribbon lap machine used in textile spinning is mentioned in the below:

  1. The lap from the sliver lap machine is creeled here. This lap is unwound and fed to drafting rollers.
  2. Ribbon lap machine is actually used to increase weight per unit length and uniformity of the lap obtained from sliver lap machine.
  3. In ribbon lap m/c, 6-8 laps are fed. They form a web of same width but more thickness then doubling and drafting is done.
  4. To unwind the lap two wooden fluted feed rollers are used here.
  5. Generally, three over three or four over four drafting system are employed in this machine.
  6. After drafting the lap is emerged out in web form passes via deflector plate’s web tables and calendar rollers.
  7. Here, two pairs of calendar rollers are employed to compress the lap.
  8. That’s why, comber lap is obtained and it is rolled on spool bobbin. Two fluted rollers are responsible to obtain a compact lap.
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