Round Knife Cutting Machine Features | Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine Parts

Round Knife Cutting Machine in Garment Industry:

In the garments manufacturing sector, a round knife cutting machine is one of the important pieces of equipment. These kinds of cutting machines have also vast use with the straight knife cutting machine. It can be easily handled and move due to the low weight of this machine. The round knife cutting m/c contains some key characteristics, which are mentioned in this article.

Round knife cutting machine used in apparel industry
Fig: Round knife cutting machine used in the apparel industry

Different Parts of Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine:

All the parts of the round knife fabric cutting m/c are-

  • Handle,
  • Power switch,
  • Blade,
  • Motor,
  • Base plate,
  • Locking disc,
  • Emery wheel,
  • Grease inlet,
  • Threat plate,
  • Central handle,
  • Power supply,
  • Sharpner push rood button,
  • Guard.

Key Features of Round Knife Cutting Machine:

Various key features of round knife cutting machines used in the apparel industry have mentioned in the following:

  1. Blade diameter varies from 6cm to 20cm.
  2. The blade is circular here.
  3. This type of blade has a very sharp edge.
  4. The blade is driven by using electric power here.
  5. The circular knife is driven from 1000rpm to 3500rpm. It also depends on the machine.
  6. The main parts of the round knife cutting m/c are an electric motor, base plate, handle (for the cutter to direct the blade).
  7. In a round knife cutting m/c, a circular blade rotating so that the leading edge cuts downwards into the fabric.
  8. The round knife contains around but slightly octagonal type knife with a sharp edge.
  9. A manual grinder is used here.
  10. Due to its low weight, it is easy to handle & movement.
  11. The knife is lubricating manually here.
  12. Four types of knife or blade edges (, toothed edge, blade edge, wave edge, and circular edge) are used here for different objects.
  13. Flexible movement helps to cut nonlinear shapes in the case of round knife cutting machines.
  14. The base plate provides support for the fabric.
  15. 40% of the knife diameter can be used for the fabric lay in the case of round knife cutting machines.
  16. It is suitable for single-ply cutting as well as multilayers such as 20-30 layers.
  17. It is also useful for cutting layer parts of the apparel.

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