32 Safety Instructions for Sewing Machine Operator | Sewing Machine Safety Poster

Sewing Machine Safety Rules for Sewing Machine Operator:

Safety is an important issue in any type of job whether it is easy or hard. In the apparel manufacturing industry, sewing machine operator works for a long time. To ensure enough security for them is a mandatory duty for all the factory personnel before starting the apparel production. This article has presented some useful tips as security instruction for a sewing floor in the readymade apparel sector.

Safety rules for sewing machine operator
Fig: Safety rules for the sewing machine operator

Sewing Machine Safety Checklist:

Some useful safety instructions for all types of sewing machine have pointed out below:

  1. Everybody should operate the sewing machine correctly to get the best functions of this machine.
  2. All the safety equipment must be ready when the machine is ready for operation.
  3. It should not be allowed to operate the sewing machines without the specified safety devices.
  4. The sewing machine should be operated by a properly trained operator.
  5. Please ascertain that it conforms to the safety standards and regulations of your country before using the sewing machine.
  6. Do not touch any functioning parts and devices of a sewing machine during running.
  7. To prevent anyone from getting hurt, always check the power switch is on or off before operating the machine.
  8. Qualified and well-trained technicians are required for adjustment, modification, and repair. It should be noted here that, only use assigned parts for replacement.
  9. By well-trained technicians, routine maintenance and service must be performed.
  10. Select proper power plug and install it by a well-trained electrician.
  11. Please connect the power plug to the grounded receptacle.
  12. Ask the instructor when you are in doubt about the sewing machine.
  13. We suggest you wear goggles for your own safety.
  14. You have to report a breakage to a tool or machine to the instructor.
  15. Operate only that machine which you have been trained to operate.
  16. Before starting to work, always inspect the sewing machine.
  17. Always be sure it is clean and threaded properly, with no loose threads on the pulley belt and all guards in place.
  18. Tie it back if your hair is long.
  19. When operating the sewing machine avoid loose-fitting sleeves, sweaters, jewelry, ties, and ribbons.
  20. Wear low shoes & close-fitting clothing when sewing on a power machine.
  21. Notify the instructor immediately if the equipment does not operate accurately.
  22. Keep aisles clear at all times.
  23. Without permission, you should not operate the sewing machine.
  24. To raise & lower the machine head use both hands.
  25. If possible, adjust the chair height so that your feet rest flat on the floor.
  26. While operating the machine, do not pull your chair forward or toward.
  27. You should always keep your head above the table.
  28. You must have to report any injuries or accidents immediately to the instructor.
  29. To prevent anyone from slipping, wipe up any oil specified on the floor instantly.
  30. When you are setting or threading the needle, keep your feet off the treadle.
  31. To reduce fatigue, help prevent accidents, and increase efficiency always practice proper posture.
  32. Cleaning the machine is too much necessary to ensure the best performance periodically.

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