Working Principle of Straight Knife Machine | Straight Knife Cutting Machine Parts

Straight Knife Cutting Machine in Garments Industry:

In the garment manufacturing industry, a straight knife cutting machine is the most used cutting machine. It is also the world’s most popular and most versatile cutting machine. It has a lot of advantages over other cutting machines. In another article, I have shared some important features of a straight knife cutting machine with its specifications, but now I have presented the working principle of a straight knife cutting m/c in the readymade apparel sector.

Straight knife cutting machine used in apparel industry
Fig: Straight knife cutting machines used in the apparel industry

Different Parts of Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine:

Straight knife fabric cutting m/c consists of the below parts:

  1. Base plate,
  2. Straight knife,
  3. Lubricating unit,
  4. Handle,
  5. Electric motor,
  6. Transport handle,
  7. Knife guard,
  8. Moving handle,
  9. Grinder,
  10. Wheel,
  11. Fabric pressure.

Working Procedure of Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine:

At first, we have to know some important information’s about straight knife cutting m/c. As usual, the power required to operate a straight knife. There are mainly two types of power is required to operate this type of cutting machine, where one is motor power drive the reciprocating knife and another one is operator power drives the knife through the fabric lay. The motor power varies according to the below points:

  • Height of the fabric layer,
  • The curvature of the line being cut,
  • Construction of the fabric,
  • Stroke of the blade.

In a straight knife cutting m/c, various types of knives are used for different purposes such as wave edge, straight edge, a serrated edge, saw edge, etc were straight edge s mostly used.

The normal blade has a straight edge which varies from coarse to fine depending on the types of fabric being cut. You have to remember that, wavy-edged knives are normally used to reduce heat generation and hence can be used for cutting synthetic materials without fusing difficulties. The speed of the blades can also be adjusted by having a variable speed mechanism.

Now the main working principle is here. Firstly, the machine operator spread the fabric lays on the cutting table. Then the marker is placed on the fabric. After that, a straight knife cutting m/c is placed at any corner point of fabric lays. After that, the machine operator switches on the cutting machine and continues the cutting process as per the maker dimension. Finally cutting is continuing until finishing the marker.

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