Advantages, Disadvantages and Uses of Cotton Fiber

What Do You Mean by Organic Cotton? | Benefits of Cotton Fibre | Merits and Demerits of Cotton Fiber

What is Organic Cotton?
Cotton grown is there, where toxic chemicals have been eliminated in all growing process steps. Organic cotton is manufactured from organically grow cotton plants. No chemical, pesticides or fertilizers are sued to grow it and the final cloth or fabric is unbleached and dyed with the natural plant dyes which produce healthier fabrics.
Cotton fiber
Cotton fiber
Advantages of Cotton:
A research proves that, you get a better night’s sleep on cotton sheets than sheets made from synthetic fibres. It should be noted here that, cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat under the covers.
There are some other key advantages or cotton fibre. Those ares-

  1. It is inexpensive,
  2. It has absorbent properties.
  3. It is breathable.
  4. It is easier to wash and care for than others.
  5. During working time, cotton cloths is too much perfect to wear.
  6. Cotton is also too much soft.
Disadvantages of Cotton:
Those are in the below:

  1. It is not wrinkle resistant.
  2. It is likely to stretch or shrink.
  3. Cotton takes a long time to dry.
  4. The color fades in sunlight here.
Uses of Cotton:
There are so many uses of cotton which are presented in the below:

1. House or home textiles:
Table cloths, bed cloth, kitchen cloths, hand towels, furniture covering, carpets and bath towels etc.

2. Accessories:
Laces, trimmings, ribbons kerchiefs, hand, umbrella etc.
3. Apparel fabrics:
Night wear, blouses, shirts, rain wear, leisure’s wear, trousers etc.
4. Industrial textiles:
Workers protective clothing, cords, sewing threads, shoes, bags and medical suppliers etc.

Properties of Spin-able Fiber:
The key characteristics of spin-able fibre have pointed out in the following:

  • Color,
  • Fineness,
  • Staple length,
  • Maturity,
  • Strength,
  • Flexibility.

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