Air Jet Loom in Weaving Technology: Definition, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Definition of Air Jet Loom | Characteristics of Air Jet Loom | Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Jet Loom

What is Air Jet Loom?
Air jet loom is one kinds of shuttle less loom. Normally, air jet loom uses a jet of air for propelling the filling yarn through the weaving shed. It requires uniform filling yarn. They are suitable use with medium weight yarns then very light and very heavy yarn. Air jet loom is one of the two types of fluid jet looms where another one is water jet loom.
Air jet loom machine used in weaving factory
Air jet loom machine used in weaving factory
Features of Air Jet Loom:
Some key features of air jet loom have mentioned in the below:

  1. In case of air jet loom, higher weft insertion performance occurred.
  2. Less power consumption in air jet loom.
  3. It needs multi-color weft insertion up to eight.
  4. Air jet loom provides higher production than others.
  5. Light and medium fabric has produced here.
  6. Here fabric width is 190 cm.
Advantages of Air Jet Loom:
Different advantages of air jet loom have pointed out in the following:

  1. In case of air jet loom, noise level is lower than rapier loom and missile.
  2. Normally, standard width of air jet loom is 190cm.
  3. Weft insertion performance is too much here (normally 600pm).
  4. It consumes very low power.
Disadvantages of Air Jet Loom:
The main disadvantages f air jet loom are-

  1. Broken pick or miss pick has occurred due to excess air pressure of main nozzle.
  2. In case of air jet loom, pile up and buckle tip of yarn formed due to air resistance.
  3. Double pick may occur in air jet loom.
  4. Loom of weft yarn along weft direction formed due to variation of air pressure.
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