Mixing and Blending of Textile Fibres in Spinning

Definition of Mixing | Classification of Mixing | Definition of Blending | Objective of Using Blending in Mixing

What is Mixing in Spinning?
In spinning sector, if various grades of same fibres are kept together for producing yarn then it is termed as mixing. Suppose, a yarn is produced by using 60% Indian cotton and 40% Egyptian cotton then it is called mixing.
Mixing and blending of textile fibres in spinning
Mixing and blending of textile fibres  in spinning
Types of Mixing Applied in Spinning:
There are different types of mixing as done in spinning sector for producing yarn. Those are in the below:

  1. Automatic mixing,
  2. Mixing by hopper,
  3. Bin mixing,
  4. Volume mixing,
  5. Hand stock mixing,
  6. Lap mixing,
  7. Sliver mixing,
  8. Weight mixing,
  9. Card mixing.
What is Blending in Spinning?
In spinning sector, when various fibres of different or same grades are kept together then it is termed as blending. Suppose, a yarn produced by using 60% cotton yarn and 40% polyester yarn then it’s called as blending.

Objects of Blending in Spinning:
The key objects of blending have pointed out in the following:

  1. Blending is used to provide the required features to the end product.
  2. It is used to control and decrease of yarn production cost.
  3. It is used to achieve uniform quality of yarn.
  4. It helps to meet functions and end used requirement.
  5. It is aesthetic such as texture, fashion, drape luster etc.
  6. Blending is used to develop yarn processing performance.
  7. It is also used to achieve different effects by carrying color, characteristics of fibre and so on.
More questions related the topic of mixing and blending:
The following key questions will be very useful for you to solve in your interview if you read this article with full concentration.

  1. What is the definition of mixing?
  2. What do you means by mixing?
  3. What do you mean by blending in spinning?
  4. What do you understand by blending in spinning?
  5. Mention the classification of mixing used in spinning sector.
  6. What are the purposes of using blending in spinning?
  7. Write a short note on mixing and blending.

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