Apparel Manufacturing Terminology | Clothing Terminology

Apparel Manufacturing Terminology:

This article will be very useful especially for those who are totally new in the garment manufacturing sector. It is also helpful in textile and garments related job interview because so many apparel related terms (apparel manufacturing terminology) and definitions have explained in this article.

Apparel manufacturing terminology
Fig: Apparel manufacturing terminology

Important Terms and Definitions of Apparel Industry:

Important terms used in the apparel manufacturing industry have pointed out in the following:

  1. Sweep,
  2. Crotch or crutch,
  3. Dart,
  4. Drape,
  5. Durable press,
  6. Facing,
  7. Drop loop,
  8. Hood width,
  9. Gore,
  10. Hood height.

All the above terms and definitions have explained the below:

1. Sweep:

It is a measurement which straight across from edge to edge.

2. Crotch or crutch:

The place or area along which the inside two legs join together.

3. Dart:

Art is used for the tightness of apparel. It is made by stitching the fabric by sewing the fabric. It is also used for removing a wedge from the apparel surface.

4. Drape:

The state or quality of how a hung end of cloth comes of when such cloth is hung from either end.

5. Durable press:

It is a particular type of finishing treatment by which it is possible to provide specific shape size and crease to the cloth or apparel. By the pleat etc. could be made permanent and the apparel does not lose the above-noted quality through use and wash of the apparel.

6. Facing:

Lining or trim used to protect fabric edges in apparel i.e. cuff, collar, plackets is known as facing.

7. Drop loop:

It is a technique of placing a belt loop in a little below from the upper end of the waistband of the trouser (normally 1-2cm). drop loop stops the possibility of the belt moving above the waistband.

8. Hood width:

With front edge even, measure across the middle of the hood from front to back.

9. Gore:

It is a triangular piece of fabric in the toe or heel of a half hose or socks knitted in place by an automatic half hose machine.

10. Hood height:

With hood folded in half and front edges together, measure from neck seam at the high point of the shoulder up to top seam or fold.

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