10 Technical Terms Used in Garment Industry | Apparel Terminology

Apparel Terms and Definitions:

There are so many important terms used in the apparel manufacturing industry. Among those, some are known to us and others are not familiar with us. This article has presented some important terms which will be very useful for the persons restated with textile and readymade garments sector.

Apparel terms and definitions
Fig: Apparel terms and definitions used in the readymade garment industry

Different Terms and Definitions Used in the Garment Industry:

Some important terms which are vastly used in the readymade garments sector have pointed out the below:

  1. Bagging out,
  2. Bodkin,
  3. Box pleat,
  4. Blocking out,
  5. Bluff edge,
  6. Collar stand,
  7. Closing,
  8. Collar,
  9. Donkey,
  10. Ease,

All the above terms have explained in the following:

1. Bagging out:

It is a special type of process by which the lining and facing are made and which is also folded back to the front or face side of the apparel.

2. Bodkin:

Bodkin is a small device used for making holes in the fabric.

3. Box pleat:

A special shape is given to the cloth by folding it for making the cloth along or expandable that is flexible.

4. Blocking out:

The cutting away of some portion of the multi-folded cloth is called blocking out.

5. Bluff edge:

It is a portion that lies outside the stitch line at the end of the apparel.

6. Collar stand:

It is part of the collar which stands vertical along the neck.

7. Closing:

It is an operation that is carried out by which the side seam of the apparel is attached or the lining is attached to the forepart.

8. Collar:

The collar is a part of apparel that stays spread around the neck.

9. Donkey:

It is a special type of dressing board with the help of which pressing could be done without creasing the cloth of the apparel in places.

10. Ease:

To add extra fabric which in addition to the exact measurement of the body for easier movement for hands, feet, body, and also for increasing wearing comfort is known as ease.

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