Causes of Lap Weight Variation in Spinning

What is Irregular Lap in Spinning? | Reasons of Lap Weight Variation in Spinning

Irregular Lap in Spinning:
In spinning, lap must be of specific length, shape and weight per unit length. Irregular lap is that when the lap length is less than the necessary length. Some important causes of lap variation have deeply discussed in this article.
Lap Weight Variation in Spinning
Lap Weight Variation in Spinning 
Key Factors of Lap Weight Variation in Spinning:
The below facts are responsible for the variation of lap weight in spinning:

  1. Properties of fibre in blending or mixing,
  2. Unsuitable feeding,
  3. Incorrect machine maintenance,
  4. Improper setting of different machine parts,
  5. Improper fan speed,
  6. Excessive waste content in lap.
All the above causes have explained in the following:
1. Properties of fibre in blending or mixing:
  • Produced irregular lap if there are weak and short fibres used in blending.
  • Produce lap irregularity if there are immature fibres used in blending.
  • Variation of fineness occurred if there the blending contains incorrect mixing of fibre.
2. Unsuitable feeding:
  • Feed of very large piece of baled cotton.
  • Irregular feeding of fibres to the feed lattice by the feeders in bale opener.
3. Incorrect machine maintenance:
Lap variation is occurred here due to proper maintenance of beating, opening, cleaning, control of air content, disposal of dust, and fan speed etc.

4. Improper setting of different machine parts:
  • Cone drums regulating arrangement: Here, lap variation occurred if the system does not work effectively.
  • Evener roller setting: Here, lap irregularity problem occurred if the setting is setting of evener roller is incorrect.
  • Photoelectric cell or mechanical swing door: Here, lap variation is produced due to setting defects in the instrument.
5. Improper fan speed:
  • Fibre moves on the cages if fan speed is low.
  • The cotton id drawn down wards the centre of the cages and will provide a barrel shaped lap if the air flow is too strong.

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