Basic Operations in Blow Room Section

Blow Room Process in Spinning Mills | Functions of Blow Room Section

Blow Room Section in Spinning:
Blow room is the first section of a spinning factory where opening, cleaning, blending and dust removal processes has done. The quality of yarns are totally depends on the performance of this section. As its importance, this article has presented a details discussion on those operations.
Blow room section in spinning factory
Blow room section in spinning factory
Basic Operations in Blow Room:
The main tasks of blow room section have pointed out in the below:

  1. Opening,
  2. Cleaning,
  3. Mixing and blending,
  4. Dust removal.
All the above tasks have explained in the following:

1. Opening:
It is the first tasks of blow room section during yarn manufacturing. This process is carried out to the stage of flocks in the blow room and to the stage of individual fibres in the card. In blow room section, flock weight can be decreased to about 0.1mg.
2. Cleaning:
Cleaning is the second tasks of blow room section which is used in yarn manufacturing. A blow room installation removes approximately 40-70% of the impurities. The total result is dependent on the machines, raw materials, and also on the environment conditions. Cleaning effect cannot and should not be the same for all types of impurity levels since a lot of dirt can be removed more easily than a little. In order to clean, it is necessary to remove about as much fibre as foreign materials.

3. Mixing and blending:
It is the third tasks of blow room section used in spinning. Fibres can be blended here at different stages of the process. These possibilities should always be exploited. In case of blending, staring of the process plays an important role. Intensive blending in a suitable blending machine must be carried out after separate flock extraction from individual bales of layout. This type of blending operation must collect the sequentially arriving bunches of fibres from individual bales and mixes them thoroughly.

4. Dust removal:
It is the final tasks of blow room section used in spinning. Almost all the blow room machinery manufacturers now offer dust removing equipment’s or machine in addition to opening and cleaning. But it should be noted here that, dust removal is not an easy operation since dust particles are completely enclosed in the flock and hence held back during suction.

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