Chittaranjan Loom in Weaving Technology: Definition, Features and Advantages

Definition of Chittaranjan Loom | Characteristics of Chittaranjan Loom

What is Chittaranjan Loom?
Chittaranjan loom is one of the types of semi-automatic loom which is made of iron and wood. The terms which is commonly used in Bengali language is chittaranjan loom. Chittaranjan loom also known as Japanize loom.
Chittaranjan Loom machine in Weaving Technology
Chittaranjan Loom machine in Weaving Technology
Features of Chittaranjan Loom:
The common features of chittaranjan loom are in the below:

  1. Picking and shedding motion is used here as fly shuttle loom.
  2. The main characteristics of chittaranjan loom lie in its beating up, take up and let-off motion.
  3. A five wheel take up motion has been adopted to regulate picks per inch.
  4. For beat up two wheels upon the top shaft connect the slay at the two ends with two livers.
  5. Higher production rate is here.
Advantages of Chittaranjan Loom:
Chittaranjan loom contain some key advantages which are in the following:

  1. Chittaranjan loom s more perfect for weaving coarse and medium fabric then finer yarns.
  2. This types of loom has 80% efficiency.
  3. Chittaranjan loom ensure uniformity in the insertion of picks per inch by the use of five wheel positive take up motion.
  4. An average can conveniently run this loom.
  5. This loom runs 120-140 picks per minute.
  6. These types of loom also ensure uniform beat up.
Disadvantages of Chittaranjan Loom:
Different demerits of chittaranjan loom are-

  1. Production rate is less over than modern loom.
  2. 5 wheel positive take up motion is used here which gives jerky motion.
  3. Chittaranjan loom is not an automatic loom.
  4. Precise control of fraction of picks is not suitable here.
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