Blow Room Process in Spinning

What is Blow Room in Spinning? | What Is Blow Room Section? | Function of Blow Room Section in Spinning

What is Blow Room?
Blow room is one of the most important part of textile spinning sector. It is consists of a number of machines which are sued in succession to open and clean the cotton fibre according to the required amount of degree. In blow room section, normally 40-70% trash is removed.
Blow room section in spinning
Blow room section in spinning
Blow Room Section:
It is that kinds of section where the supplied compressed bales are opened, cleaned and mixing or blending for making uniform lap of definite length. The range of blow room cleaning efficiency is 60-65%. It should be noted here that, blow room is the first section of spinning line for producing cotton yarn.

Basic Operation in Blow Room:
The below operation has don main blow room section of a spinning line:

  1. Opening,
  2. Cleaning,
  3. Mixing or blending,
  4. Lap forming.
All the above operations have explained in the following:

1. Opening:
Here, the compressed bales of fibres are opened for making the cotton tuft in a small size (as much as possible).

2. Cleaning:
This operation is used to remove dust, dirt, broken leafs, broken seeds, stalks and other foreign materials from the fibres.

3. Mixing or blending:
Mixing or blending process has performed for producing higher quality yarn by reducing production costing which is only possible by mixing different grade of fibres.

4. Lap forming:
This operation has done due to the below reasons:

  • It is done to transfer the opened and cleaned fibres into a sheet form of specific width and uniform unit length which is termed as lap.
  • It is also used to roll the lap of predetermined length into a cylindrical shape around a lap pin.
  • It is also used to transfer the lap from the lap pin int a rod to suitable handle and feed it to subsequent processing carding machine.

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