What Types of Jobs in Textile and Apparel Industry?

Careers in Clothing and Textile Industry:

We are all servicing ourselves in the textile and apparel industry from our own position. Definitely, we have too much eagerness to achieve the next position in our own department. There are so many who still don’t know the correct organogram of textile and apparel industry departments. This article will help you to know this matter and it presents a list of careers in the clothing and textile manufacturing industry. Try to achieve your desired position after reading this article by showing your working and management efficiency.

Careers in clothing and textile industry
Fig: Careers in the clothing and textile industry

List of Career in the Textile and Garment Industry:

Careers in Textile Research Department:

  1. Textile Laboratory Technician,
  2. Textile Research Scientist

Careers in Textile Production Department:

  1. Machine Operator,
  2. Production Supervisor,
  3. Machine Technician,
  4. Supervisor,
  5. Assistant Production Officer,
  6. Production Officer,
  7. Quality Control Inspector,
  8. Industrial Engineer,
  9. Senior Production Officer,
  10. Shift Incharge,
  11. Assistant Production Manager,
  12. Production Manager,
  13. Assistant General Manager,
  14. General Manager,
  15. Plant Engineer.

Careers in Textile Marketing and Sales Department:

  1. Market Analyst,
  2. Textile Sales Representative,
  3. Textile Advertising And Promotion Agent,
  4. Textile Sales Manager.

Careers in Textile Administration:

  1. Personnel Administrator,
  2. Data Processing Employee,
  3. Accounting And Finance Employee,
  4. Public Relations Agent,
  5. Business Planner,
  6. Purchasing Agent.

Careers in Clothing Design Department:

  1. Fashion Designer or Apparel Designer,
  2. Assistant Designer,
  3. Sample Maker,
  4. Sketching Employee or Sketcher.

Careers in the Apparel Manufacturing or Production Department:

  1. Pattern Maker,
  2. Pattern Grader,
  3. Marker,
  4. Spreader,
  5. Cutter,
  6. Asserter,
  7. Sewing Machine Operator,
  8. Finishing Q.C,
  9. Trimmer And Inspector,
  10. Presser or iron Operator.

Careers in Apparel Production Management Department:

  1. Production Assistant,
  2. Production Supervisor,
  3. Training Supervisor,
  4. Production Officer,
  5. Floor Incharge,
  6. Industrial Engineer,
  7. Costing Engineer,
  8. Quality Control Engineer,
  9. Plant Engineer,
  10. Plant Manager or Production Manager.

Careers in the Apparel Merchandising Department:

  1. Assistant Apparel Merchandiser,
  2. Apparel Merchandiser,
  3. Sample Merchandiser,
  4. Team Leader of Sample Merchandiser,
  5. Production Merchandiser,
  6. Senior Merchandiser,
  7. Team Leader of Senior Merchandiser,
  8. Merchandising Manager,
  9. Division Director.

Careers in Fashion Merchandising Department:

  1. Merchandise Planning And Buying,
  2. Retail Buyer,
  3. Assistant Retail Buyer,
  4. Resident Buyer For Buying Office,
  5. Central Buyer For Buying Office,
  6. Executive Trainee or Management Trainee.

Careers in Sales and Distribution Department:

  1. Showroom Person,
  2. Showroom Sales Trainee,
  3. Showroom Manager,
  4. Traveling Sales Representative,
  5. Sales Manager,
  6. Market Researcher,
  7. Order Picker,
  8. Checker,
  9. Packer,
  10. Transportation Specialist.

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