Different Parts of a Basic Shirt | Top 50 Shirt Brands in the World

Parts of a Shirt and List of Top 50 Shirt Brands in the World

Mens Shirt Brands Names List:

Shirt is one of the major types of our clothing’s. Shirt has great importance in today’s fashionable era. A shirt is clothing for the upper body. There are different types of shirt for not only men but also for women. Basic shirt or woven shirt is one of the types of shirt. You are all known that, there is nothing more classic than a woven collared shirt. A basic woven shirt has a full-length opening at the front from the collar to the hem, formal collar, cuff etc. This article has presented the major components of a basic shirt and list of top 50 shirt brands in the world. In another article I have shared List of top 50 mens clothing brands in the world. I hope it will be very very effective for all of our textile and apparel professionals.
Mens basic shirt
Fig: Mens basic shirt
Components of a Basic Shirt:
A woven shirt consists of the below parts:
  1. Collar,
  2. Collar band or collar stand,
  3. Lower yoke,
  4. Upper yoke,
  5. Right front part,
  6. Left front part,
  7. Placket,
  8. Lower Placket,
  9. Back part,
  10. Cuff,
  11. Upper placket,
  12. Pocket,
  13. Armhole,
  14. Hem,
  15. Sleeve placket,
  16. Hem gusset,
  17. Tale,
  18. Upper facing,
  19. Lower facing,
  20. Right Sleeve,
  21. Left Sleeve.
Best Formal Shirt Brands in the World: 
  1. Ralph Lauren Corporation,
  2. Lacoste,
  3. Levi Strauss & Co.
  4. Adidas,
  5. Hanes,
  6. Hugo Boss,
  7. Nike. Inc.
  8. Under Armour,
  9. Burberry,
  10. Abercrombie & Fitch,
  11. Banana Republic,
  12. Michael kors,
  13. Lucky Brand Jeans,
  14. Columbia Sportswear,
  15. Tommy Hilfigher,
  16. Hammermade,
  17. Weatherproof,
  18. Lands’ End,
  19. Nautical,
  20. Aeropostale,
  21. Perry Ellis,
  22. Puma SE,
  23. Armani,
  24. American Eggle Outfitters,
  25. Diesel,
  26. Hurley,
  27. J. Crew,
  28. Kenneth Cole,
  29. Jerzees,
  30. Fruit of the Loom,
  31. Hollister,
  32. Gucci,
  33. Prada,
  34. Gap,
  35. Timberland,
  36. Affliction Clothing,
  37. Vince Camuto,
  38. Boglioli,
  39. Guess,
  40. True Religion,
  41. Vercase,
  42. Public School,
  43. Marc Jacobs,
  44. Zara,
  45. DKNY,
  46. Buckle,
  47. Theory,
  48. Stussy,
  49. REI.
  50. Aigle.

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