Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process | Raw Materials for Non-Woven Fabric

Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing: Details Discussion

What is Non-Woven Fabric?

Non-woven fabric is a web or sheet which is produced by using natural or man-made fibers or filaments or recycled fibers that have not been converted into yarns.  Finally, these are bonding by following different methods to form a non-woven fabric. It may also have other names such as shaped fabrics or yarn free fabrics. In this article, I have presented the total process flow chart of nonwoven fabric manufacturing.

Non-woven fabric processing machine
Fig: Non-woven fabric processing machine

There are so many uses of non-woven fabrics in our daily life such as in clothing, civil engineering, furnishing, manufacturing factories, kitchens, cars, hospitals, etc.

Some special types of non-woven fabrics are agrotech, build tech, medi tech, mobi tech, pack tech, cloth tech, geo-tech, oeko tech, home tech, pro-tech, etc.

Types of Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process:

There are mainly four types of the process followed to produce non-woven fabrics. Those are-

  1. Spun bond process,
  2. Melt blown process,
  3. Water jet process,
  4. Needle punched process.

Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process Flow Chart:

The below process has to maintain during non-woven fabric manufacturing in the textile industry:

Processing of fiber (Man-made, natural, or recycled)

Dyeing (If necessary)




Laying (Dry laying, wet laying, spin laying)

Bonding (Mechanical, thermal, chemical, stitch bonding)

Raw non-woven fabric


Finished non-woven fabric

Methods of Non-Woven Fabric Finishing Process:

There are two types of finishing methods for non-woven fabric. Those are in the below:

1. Dry finishing methods:

It includes:

  • Shrinkage,
  • Glazing,
  • Crabbing,
  • Calendaring,
  • Pressing,
  • Perforating.

2. Wet finishing methods:

It includes:

  • Coloration,
  • Printing
  • Anti-static finishing,
  • Hygiene finishing,
  • Dust bonding treatment,
  • Absorbent and repellant finishes (Oil, static, water, etc.).

What Types of Fiber Used in Non Woven Fabric Manufacturing?

The following fibers (Natural, man-made, and natural fibers) are widely used in the non-woven fabric manufacturing process.

  1. Cotton,
  2. Viscose,
  3. Lyocell,
  4. Polylactide,
  5. Polyester,
  6. Polypropylene,
  7. Bi-component fibers,
  8. Recycled fibers.

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