Effect of Employee Turnover on Apparel Productivity and Solution for It

Impact of Employee Turnover on Organizational Performance:

Our apparel manufacturing industries are infested with high rate of worker turnover. Large scale turnover adversely affects product quality, productivity and factory effectiveness. Due to high rate of turnover, production lines starve of operators, lines cannot be balanced and so apparel productivity as well as product quality suffers.

Employee turnover effects in organizations
Fig: Employee turnover effects in organizations

Why Do Skilled Workers Migrate?

It is a general tendency of people not to change status-quo. Employees do not change workplace, because they have friends whom they do not want to miss, they have familiar work environment which they do not want to forgo. They have familiar boss, whom they know & who do take care of them. There are scores of other factors impeding their flight from one factory to another. It is a difficult and hard decision to leave for a new workplace. So, people change their workplace only under compelling situations.

Causes of Employee Turnover in an Organization:

Worker turnover has been a subject of vigorous investigations for more than hundred years and the reasons are well known. Under our prevailing situations in this country, workers do migrate for a good number of reasons. Some of them may be controlled while others are well beyond the control of managers. Reasons of worker migration may be the following:

1. Group of causes that are beyond control:

  • Guardians change their residence and so their wards.
  • Marriage becomes impediments to continuation of service for females in this country.
2. Group of Causes that may be controlled:
  • Salary & wages are not delivered on time.
  • Workers undergo excess overtime.
  • Harassment, humiliation & insult are used as a tool of management.
  • Factories have off the clock work culture including on week-ends & holidays.
  • Workers feel bleak prospect of personal growth and development.
  • Discrimination exists in awarding promotion, increment etc.
  • There is absence of equitable salary & benefits etc.
How to Reduce Textile and Apparel Employee Turnover in Manufacturing Industry?

The following measures may be followed to control worker turnover:

  • Deliver salary, wages & overtime on time.
  • Eliminate off-the clock work culture & keep holidays & week-ends off.
  • Eliminate harassment, humiliation & insult as a tool of management from workplace.
  • Institute training of helpers to develop them into operators.
  • Institute training of workers to develop them into multi skilled operators.
  • Increase salary & wages based on personal efficiency & work rating.
  • Streamline salary & wages after training so that worker efficiency is recognized.
  • Determine salary level at par with that is existing in the concerned industrial sector.
  • Arrange launch for the workers.
  • Arrange for their medicare.
  • Take care of the workers when they are sick, at peril & problems.
  • Institute counseling services.
  • Institute congenial work environment in the factory.
  • Make your factory compliant one.
  • Launch long term benefits like provident fund & gratuity etc.

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