How Can You Make Your Factory an Ideal One?

What is an Ideal Factory?

An ideal textile or clothing manufacturing factory is the one which can consistently produce high quality products at higher productivity and competitively lower cost and thus achieves organizational effectiveness through consistent customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and social responsibility.
Successful factory running tips in apparel industry
Fig: Successful factory running tips in apparel industry
22 Ways to Build an Ideal Factory within Your Organization:

An ideal factory has essentially followed the below characteristics:

  1. It is committed to & can consistently satisfy customers by fulfilling their requirements.
  2. It considers its employees as the most valuable assets, takes care of them.
  3. It continuously improves products & services to satisfy the increased requirements of customers.
  4. Its recruitment policy is based on equal opportunity & solely relies on personal suitability like education, training, experience & skill etc.
  5. It must have barrier-less communication with the employees (Place suggestion box, complaint box with designated days of their opening with a responsible officer).
  6. It must launch ISO 9000, 2000 which steers the company through right systems, process & documentations.
  7. It pursues a policy of continuous employee training to attain necessary skill & workmanship.
  8. It pursues a policy of employee empowerment by allowing them in decision making processes.
  9. It pursues a policy of continuous foolproof employee safety against accidents & hazards.
  10. Good companies ensure profit sharing with the employees.
  11. It pursues a policy of excellent employee-management relationship.
  12. It must have internal & external audit of production, quality, maintenance, management & financial performance.
  13. It must have personnel, production, quality and maintenance management systems so as to ensure the best quality & highest productivity.
  14. It pursues long terms strategies in respect of business, investment, manpower development etc.
  15. It consistently remains profitable.
  16. It ensures employee career growth, development & recognition of positive work & achievement.
  17. It pursues a policy of providing long terms benefits of the employees such as provident fund, gratuity etc.).
  18. It must have barrier-less communication with the suppliers and customers.
  19. It must comply with labor laws, code of conduct, human rights & environmental regulations.
  20. It must launch foolproof compliance which is monitored by SA-8000 or WRAP.
  21. They are socially responsible & contribute to social development.
  22. An ideal company has a motivated manpower upon which it fosters.

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