Different Parts of a Jeans Pant | Operation Breakdown of Jeans Pant

Different Parts and Operation Breakdown of Jeans Pant

Jeans Pant and Its Major Parts:

The jeans pants are offshoots of trousers and became very popular with the young people. They are being worn by men and women alike and of late the elderly people also do not lag behind in using the jeans.

The construction of jeans pants are similar with the common trousers except the heavy cotton fabric used for these category of pants and some specific style variations such as heavy stitches with heavy sewing threads, double chain stitches, patch pockets on the hip with the decorative stitches, a small coin or watch pocket inside the right side pocket etc.

History of Blue Jeans:

Levi Strauss from Germany is the person who designed the first pair of blue jeans. At the age of 24, he came to San Francisco 1853 and started selling jeans to the workers. Tents and blue jeans were made from the same materials. After that, Jacob Davis developed these blue jeans by ripping the pockets of the pants.

In that time, Jacob tried to think of a way to strengthen the men’s trousers and one day had the idea of putting metal rivets on the pocket corners to make them strong. Instantly, the riveted jeans became popular in U.S.A. At the very early stage of blue jeans, it was used as work clothes. But, when pop and film stars like James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando started wearing those blue jeans, everybody around the world accept these blue jeans and wanted to wear.

Anatomy of Jeans Pant:
Basic jeans comprise the following major parts:
Anatomy of blue jeans pant
Fig: Anatomy of blue jeans pant
  1. Right front with side pocket along with a small coin pocket,
  2. Left front with side pocket,
  3. Left back with one hip pocket and yoke,
  4. Right back with one hip pocket and yoke,
  5. Waistband with loops,
  6. Zipper,
  7. Seam,
  8. Hem,
  9. Bar-tack,
  10. Belt loop.
Operation Breakdown Analysis of Jeans Pant:
All the major parts are prepared separately & later assembled together to form a jeans pant. S simple breakdown of jeans pant is shown in the below:
Jeans pant breakdown analysis diagram
Fig: Jeans pant breakdown analysis diagram

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