How Can You Difference Between Dyeing and Printing?

Common Difference Between Dyeing and Printing

What is Dyeing in Textile?

Dyeing is one of the very important departments of the textile sector. All kinds of yarn, fabric are dyed by applying dyeing application, where liquor ratio is higher than printing. It should be noted here that, color penetrates through the fabric by applying dyeing application. It is also a cheap process than printing.

What is Printing in Textile?

Printing is normally done on a fabric surface where the liquor ratio is lower than dyeing application. In the case of the printing method, the curing process is must needed. Another thing is that printing is a costly process than dyeing.

Difference between dyeing and printing in textile
Fig: Difference between dyeing and printing in the textile iindustry

Differentiate Between Dyeing and Printing in Textile:

SL No.DyeingPrinting
01In the case of dyeing, dyes are applied to the whole fabric with equal quantity.In the case of printing, dyes are applied in the definite parts of fabric for producing design.
02During batch application, more time is required.Less time is required than dyeing application.
03Here, the liquor ratio is higher.Less liquor ratio here than dyeing application.
04Precise temperature is needed here.Precise temperature is not needed in the case of printing applications.
05A curing or steaming process is not needed here.The curing or steaming process is needed for printing applications.
06Thickener is not used here.Thickener is widely used here.
07Not expensive.Expensive.
08Here, color penetrates throughout the fabric.Here, color is applied only on the fabric surface.
09The fabric becomes soft after dyeing application.Printed fabrics will be harsh and hard after applying the printing application.
10The quantity of water is required more here.Less amount of water is needed here.
11Only one dye is used in the case of dyeing application.Here, one or more dye is used during the application of printing.
12Half bleaching is enough for fabric preparation before applying the dyeing application.Full bleaching with optical whitener is needed in case of printing application.
13Dye solution concentration is less in the dye bath.Printing paste concentration is higher in printing.
14Fibers, yarn, and fabrics are dyed by applying the dyeing application.Normally, printing is done on a fabric surface
15Precise design is not needed here.Here, precise design is a must needed.

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