List of Silk Fabrics Produced in Textile Industry

Various Types of Silk Fabrics Produced in Textile Industry

Silk Fabric Types:

The silk fabrics comprise the fabrics woven with raw silk and degummed after weaving and the fabrics woven by using the degummed silk yarn. The former one is termed as raw silk fabric and the latter is termed as glossed silk fabric.

Habutae and Chirimen (silk crepe) are the representatives of the former variety and Kaiki and Taffeta etc. belong to the latter one. Both have special meaning for each due to the fabric texture. It is convenient to use the property of Sericin in the raw silk to give firm twists to the yarn for creating wrinkles like the silk crepe.

All the raw silk fabrics are woven in white color. After weaving, they are degummed and then they are dyed in plain color or printed as per desire. There is also a method of degumming and dyeing in which the dye is put into the degumming tank and dyeing is carried out simultaneously with scouring. For the glossed silk fabric, mostly the degummed silk yarn is dyed appropriately and weaving is done. After weaving, a simple finishing process is carried out.

There are a wide silk fabrics and narrow silk fabrics, just like the cotton fabrics. All the export fabrics are of wide width and they are almost in the range of 69-107cm. Out of these too, the fabrics with 91cm width are most common. In the domestic products, except for the belt material etc., the rest is mostly of narrow width. The standard width of Kimono material is about 36cm.

Different Types of Silk Fabrics Produced in Textile Industry:

All the silk fabrics produced in textile sector have pointed out in the below as “Raw silk fabrics”, “Glossed silk fabrics” and “Artificial silk fabrics”.

Different types of silk fabrics
Fig: Different types of silk fabrics

Raw Silk Fabrics:

  1. Habutaefabric,
  2. Shioze fabric,
  3. Shike fabric,
  4. Flast sik, red silk fabric,
  5. Drawing silk fabric,
  6. Pongee fabric ,
  7. Figured satin fabric,
  8. Bridge weave fabric,
  9. Chiffon fabric,
  10. Bolting cloth fabric,
  11. Ninon fabric,
  12. Crape fabric,
  13. Crape dechine fabric,
  14. Palace crape fabric,
  15. Sateen crape fabric,
  16. Figured crape fabric,
  17. Georgette crape fabric,
  18. Willow georgette crape fabric,
  19. Ro crape fabric.

Glossed Silk Fabrics:

  1. Kaiki fabric,
  2. Taffeta fabric,
  3. Amber fabric,
  4. Silk sateen fabric,
  5. Murayama ojima pongee fabric,
  6. Ojima pongee fabric,
  7. Yuki pongee fabric,
  8. Sahachijo fabric,
  9. Omeshi fabric,
  10. Wall omeshi fabric,
  11. Hakata fabric,
  12. Damask fabric,
  13. Silk velvet fabric,
  14. Figured velvet fabric.

Artificial Silk Fabrics:

  1. Rayon habutae fabric,
  2. Rayon plain fabric,
  3. Artificial shioze fabric,
  4. Rayon sateen fabric,
  5. Artificial silk wall weave fabric,
  6. Rayon crape fabric,
  7. Rayon sateen crape fabric,
  8. Rayon flat crape fabric,
  9. Rayon georgette crape fabric,
  10. Rayon voile fabric,
  11. Fujiett fabric,
  12. Shark skin fabric,
  13. Palace bemberg fabric,
  14. Shun tung fabric.

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