Importance of Employee Training in Textile and Apparel Workplace

What is Employee Training and Development in Organizations?

Training is imparting theoretical & practical knowledge to an employee or a group of employees so that he can learn a method, technique or technology, a system of knowledge etc. which are essential for accomplishing his work at workplace with maximum value addition. Training can disseminate a new method or technique or technology or a new system of knowledge or innovation to the employees.
Employee training process in textile and apparel industry
Fig: Employee training process in textile and apparel industry
With training employees can accomplish their job easily, quickly, skillfully with right pace and desired quality. In this modern era theories, concepts, knowledge etc. are undergoing profound changes as well as expansion and as a result machines and technologies are also changing very quickly.

Without assimilating these changes in theories and technologies, an organization becomes obsolete and ineffective from the view point of productivity, quality and efficiency. It cannot reduce production cost or enhance organizational effectiveness so it loses competitive edge. As a result, it loses ground to the competitors.

Why Training is Important for Employees in Organizations?

Training essentially increases productivity, quality & organizational performance. Fredrick Taylor, known as the father of the time & motion study mentioned that training as tool of improving productivity and as an element of his famous scientific management espoused as early as 1911.

All of the TQM or total quality management gurus after the Second World War singled out employee training as one of the most important tools of enhancing organizational effectiveness & productivity.

All the of the major management systems now employed in business & industry including ISO 9000.2000, TQM etc. place enormous emphasis on training as a tool of improving productivity & organizational effectiveness. So, each and every factory must institute continuous training as a means of developing required manpower & effecting continuous improvement in all spheres of work.

Training can serve a large number of purposes. Some key purposes have pointed out in the below:

  • From the view of employees, training meets the follow purposes:
  • Training imparts skill & workmanship to an employee.
  • As he earns efficiency, his career prospect widens.
  • He quickly wins higher increment & promotion at workplace.
  • His prospect for getting job satisfaction increases.
  • He wins respect & admiration from the colleagues & management as he has more skill 7 workmanship & delivers more service to the organization.
  • As he is satisfied at workplace, wins respect & admiration there gets personal growth, he feels little concern for migration to the other factories.

What are the Benefits of Training Employees in an Organization?

From the view point of management, employee training plays the following parts:
  • Training imparts skill 7 workmanship so it helps achieve higher organizational productivity & efficiency.
  • Training brings in new method, concepts like work-study, ISO 9000.2000, compliance, ISO 14000 etc. into the organization and infuses new vitality in the enterprise
  • Training also entails knowledge of operating and handling new machines and technologies and thus brings in higher productivity, efficiency and competitive edge.
  • Training of employees also lead to better quality, lower costs & organizational effectiveness.
  • Training of employees helps to develop necessary manpower with required skill & efficiency.
  • Management finds trained manpower suitable for personal growth & development.
  • As company provides training, the trainees feel a sense of loyalty to the organization.
  • Continuous training continuously compensates for migration & hence is a tool for controlling employee turnover.
  • Trained manpower has more potential of being motivated. So, continuous training continuously feed motivation to the organization. Motivated manpower is an essential element of high productivity & better organizational performance.

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