Continuous Fusing Machine Features | Fusing Press Machine Specifications

Continuous Fusing Machine Used in Garment Industry:

In the readymade apparel manufacturing sector, a continuous fusing machine is generally used for attaching the interlining with the fabrics. Though there are different types of fusing machines, continuous fusing machines are vastly used in apparel manufacturing factory due to its higher production. In another article, I have shared the working principle of continuous fusing machines in the apparel industry. Now, I have presented here the main features or the characteristics of a continuous fusing m/c.

Continuous fusing machine used in apparel industry
Fig: Continuous fusing machine used in the apparel industry

Features of Continuous Fusing Press Machine in Apparel Sector:

Various key features of continuous fusing press machines have mentioned below:

  1. Continuous fusing press m/c consists of a fusing chamber with a feed sheet or continuous belt.
  2. In this machine, the heating chamber is controlled by a switch.
  3. It has high effective specific pressures.
  4. Pneumatic movement of the frames.
  5. Here, the movable lower plate is electrically heated.
  6. Two pressure rollers are in the fusing chamber of this type of machine.
  7. Heating of the lower plate to improve the banding between the fabric and the fusing materials.
  8. In the case of this fusing machine, temperature, time, and pressures are fully controlled during pressing.
  9. Additional flapper screen.
  10. Due to its continuous process, this type of fusing m/c is suitable for bulk production.
  11. The continuous fusing press m/c is vastly used in the apparel manufacturing industry.
  12. In this type of fusing machine, roller pressure is produced by pneumatic power or spring and has the condition to decrease or increase of required heat.
Specifications of Continuous Fusing Machine in Apparel Industry:
SL No.
Specifications of Machine
Required Data
Compressed air connection
6 Atmosphere (atm)
Installed power
16.85 KW
Electric Feeding
3 +N ~50 Hz 400V – 3~ 50Hz 230V
0 to 6 atm
Belt speed
2 to 10m/min
Working length
Working width

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