What is Bra or Brassier? | 35 Different Types of Bra with Names and Pictures

35 Different Types of Bra with Names and Pictures

What is Brassier or Bra?

A bra or brassiere is a women’s undergarment. The main object of wearing bra is to support the wearer’s breast. Bra is wearied not only for its variety of functions but also it is known as a fashionable item in today’s fashionable era. A perfect size of bra enhances the beauty of a girl or woman. Besides, this, the girls or woman look like so sexy by wearing this. There are different types of bra used by the girls or women, but choosing right bra is too much important in protecting the health of breasts. 

Brassier or bra types
Fig: Brassier or bra

Functions or Purposes of Wearing Bra:

The people have too much curiosity on why do the girls and women wear bra? There are some key advantages of bra which are pointed out in the following:
  1. Bra provides shapes to the breasts.
  2. Bra gives comfort to the girls and women.
  3. It gives confidence to the girls and women after wearing.
  4. It helps easy movement for the girls and women.
  5. It provides enough security in their job.
  6. It helps to retain right shape of breast’s size.

How to Choose a Bra for Yourself?

Though there are so many styles of bra in the fashion market, but among those you must have to choose perfect bra for yourself. Otherwise, you have to face some difficulties during wearing bra. Bra size is one of the most important factors in bra selection. Perfect size of bra will definitely help you in your easy movement. So, you should choose that size of bra which will be matched for your body figure. In this situation, you may trial yourself in the trial room by wearing bra before buying this. There are so many fashion house has created this opportunity by placing a trial room besides their shop house.

Different Types of Bra or Brassier for Different Occasions with Pictures:

Fashion designer designs so many types of bra according to fashion, attractiveness and purpose of using. Among those, I have listed here the 35 mostly used bras with their pictures which are wearied by the girls and women:


1. Front Fastening Bra:  

Front Fastening Bra
Fig: Front fastening bra

2. Bandeau Bra:

Bandeau Bra
Fig: Bandeau bra

3. Bridal Bra or Corset:

Bridal bra or corset
Fig: Bridal bra or corset

4. Adhesive Bra: 

Adhesive Bra
Fig: Adhesive bra

5. Half Cup Bra:

Half Cup Bra
Fig: Half cup bra

6. Halter Neck Bra:

Halter Neck Bra
Fig: Halter neck bra

7.Nursing Bra:

Nursing Bra
Fig: Nursing bra

8. Full Cup Bra:

Full Cup Bra
Fig: Full cup bra

9. Push-up Bra: 

Push-up Bra
Fig: Push-up bra

 10. T-shirt Bra:

T-shirt Bra
Fig: T-shirt bra

11. Moulded Bra:

Moulded Bra
Fig: Moulded bra

12. Full Support Bra: 

Full Support Bra
Fig: Full support bra

13. Maternity Bra: 

Maternity bra
Fig: Maternity bra

14. Backless Bra: 

Backless Bra
Fig: Backless bra

 15. Minimizer Bra: 

Minimizer Bra
Fig: Minimizer bra

 16. Sport Bra: 

Sport Bra
Fig: Sport bra

17.Multiway Bra: 

Multiway Bra
Fig: Multiway bra

18. Peephole Bra: 


Peephole Bra
Fig: Peephole bra

19. Vintage Bra: 

Vintage Bra
Fig: Vintage bra

20. U-plunge Bra: 

U-plunge Bra
Fig: U-plunge bra

 21. Built-in Bra:

Built-in Bra
Fig: Built-in bra

22. Racerback Bra:

Racerback Bra
Fig: Racerback bra

 23. Novelty Bra:

Novelty Bra
Fig: Novelty bra

24. Demi Bra:

Demi Bra
Fig: Demi bra

 25. Convertible Bra: 

Convertible Bra
Fig: Convertible bra

 26. Plunge Bra:

Plunge Bra
Fig: Plunge bra

 27. Padded Bra: 

Padded Bra
Fig: Padded bra

 28. Mastectomy Bra:

Mastectomy Bra
Fig: Mastectomy bra

 29. Water Bra:

Water Bra
Fig: Water bra

30. Belly Dance Bra: 

Belly Dance Bra
Fig: Belly dance bra

31. Strapless Bra: 

Strapless Bra
Fig: Strapless bra

32. Front Closure Bra:

Front Closure Bra
Fig: Front closure bra

 33. Balcounette Bra: 

Balcounette Bra
Fig: Balcounette bra

 34. Trainer Bra: 

Trainer Bra
Fig: Trainer bra

35. Shelf Bra: 

Shelf Bra
Fig: Shelf bra

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Author of This Article:
Mayedul Islam
B.Sc. in Fabric Manufacturing
Noakhali Textile Engineering College

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