What are the Features of Dyeing Machine?

Dyeing Machine Used in Textile Wet Processing:

Dyeing is the method of color added to textile products such as yarn, fiber, and fabric. It is generally done in special solutions which are containing different particular chemical materials and dyes. It should be noted here that, dye molecules have uncut chemical bonding with the fiber molecules after dyeing processing. There are two types of dye, where one is natural and another one is man-made. In the case of dyeing processing, time and temperature are the two most important factors.
Dyeing machine used in textile industry
Fig: Dyeing machine used in the textile industry

Feature of Dyeing Machine:

Important features of the dyeing machines have pointed out the below:

  1. The machine must be constructed of such metal which will stay prolonged boiling alkali, acid solution, and other chemicals.
  2. It should provide sufficient movement for the liquor to penetrate uniformly into every part of textile goods.
  3. There should be some means of adding the dye staff solution in such a way that it becomes oil mixed before it comes in contact with the goods.
  4. Some automatic temperature and pressure control devices are assumed with the machine.
  5. The heating arrangement must be maintained a comparatively uniform temperature throughout the everywhere of dye liquor.
  6. All the moving parts and electric motors should be protected against the corrosive action by steam and atmospheric condition.
  7. The machine bears the largest possible outlet and water inlet system because of a considerable proportion of dyeing circle. It takes up feeling with and emptying.
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