List of Dyeing Machine Used in Textile Wet Processing

Fibre Dyeing Machine | Yarn dyeing Machine | Classification of Dyeing Machine

Dyeing Machine Used in Wet Processing:
Dyeing or wet processing is one of the most important departments of textile industry. There are so many dyeing machines are used to dye the fibre, yam or fabric. This article has presented a list of dyeing machines for fibre and yarn dyeing.
Dyeing machine used in textile wet processing
Dyeing machine used in textile wet processing
Types of Dyeing Machines Used in Textile Industry:
There are different types of dyeing machine used in textile wet processing which are listed according to textile materials:

  1. Fibre dyeing machine,
  2. Yarn dyeing machine,
  3. Fabric dyeing machine.
All the fibre, yarn and fabric dyeing machines have listed in the following:

1. Fibre Dyeing Machine:
  • Hussong loose cotton dyeing machine,
  • Jagen barg dyeing machine,
  • Conical pan loose stock dyeing machine,
  • Long close loose cotton dyeing machine,
  • Dreze dyeing machine,
  • Annual cage for loose stock dyeing machine,
  • Simplex dyeing machine,
  • Ober maier dyeing machine.
2. Yarn Dyeing Machine:

a. Hank form:
  • Pulsatur hand dyeing machine,
  • Hussong hank dyeing machine,
  • Clauder Weldon hand dyeing machine,
  • G.S.H hand dyeing machine.
b. Package form:
  • Cheese dyeing machine,
  • Cop dyeing machine,
  • Warp dyeing machine.
Cheese Dyeing Machine:
  • Franklin cheese dyeing machine,
  • Ober maier cheese dyeing machine,
  • Krantz gop cheese dyeing machine.
Cop Dyeing Machine:
  • Long close cop dyeing machine,
  • Mather and platt cop dyeing machine,
  • Beaumont cop dyeing machine.
Warp Dyeing Machine:
  • Ball warp dyeing machine,
  • Zittau bean dyeing machine,
  • Chain warp dyeing machine.
According to Liquor Movement:
  • Liquor circulate but materials does not move i.e. all package dyeing machines,
  • Materials move but liquor does not circulate i.e. jigger,
  • Both materials and liquor circulate i.e. jet dyeing machines.
According to Wet Processing:
  • Open dyeing process,
  • Enclosed dyeing process.
According to Dyeing Materials:
  • Hank dyeing machine,
  • Loose stock form dyeing machine,
  • Fabric form dyeing machine,
  • Package form dyeing machine.

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