Fabric Cutting Department | Cutting Process Flow Chart in Apparel Industry

Fabric Cutting Process Flow Chart in Apparel Industry

What is Fabric Cutting in Apparel Sector?

When fabric spreading is completed then the fabric cutting is started. To cut out pattern pieces of apparel components as per required measurement of the patterns from a fabric lay is termed as fabric cutting. It should be noted here that, the term fabric cutting is only applicable for clothing manufacturing technology.
Fabric cutting process in apparel industry
Fig: Fabric cutting process in apparel industry
In other words, cutting is the method of in which the finished fabric is cut as per the pattern shapes for the particular style of apparel. Before cutting the fabric, the marker planning for the particular apparel style should be confirmed.

Marker planning is an activity of placing all types of patterns of all sizes on the fabric lay area in trial and error method till finally we achieve the best marker efficiency. This also can be done virtually in the computer software.

After marker planning, the fabric is spread on the cutting table as per the required number of lays then the pattern shapes are marked on the fabric surface as per the marker planning finalized before. The pattern marking can be done directly on the fabric or in the marker paper which is printed in the computer aided design (CAD) printer and then the paper is kept on the fabric surface or no need mark on the fabric, the computer software itself will cut the fabric as per the marker planning stored in the computer.

After marking, the fabric will be cut and stickers will be struck for the identification purpose of sizes. After completing this process, cutting parts are tied into the bundles. The bundles will be tied with the tags for the identification purpose.

Apparel Cutting Room Process Flow Chart:

In apparel manufacturing industry, cutting can be done manually or with the help of cutting machines. The process sequence in cutting process is as follows:


Marker planning

Fabric spreading



Bundling & ticketing 

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