Spinning Mill Machinery List | Textile Spinning Mill Machine Names

Spinning Mill Machine List

Fiber Preparation or Ginning Process Machinery List:

The process of removing cotton fibers (lint) from the seed is called ginning in the textile industry. The main purposes of the ginning process are to remove the fiber from the seed and to separate the cotton fiber from the root position of the seeds. There are three types of machines used in the ginning process which is listed below:

  1. Saw ginning machine,
  2. Knife Roller ginning machine,
  3. McCarthy ginning machine.

Spinning Mill Machine List Used in Yarn Manufacturing:

There are some key processes in textile yarn manufacturing including blow room, carding, drawing frame, combing, simplex or roving frame, rotor spinning, ring spinning, and auto coning. The machines which are used in these processes are listed in the following.

Spinning mill machine list
Fig: Spinning mill machine list

Blow Room Section Machinery List:

It is the first step of textile spinning. Blow room is the section where the supplied compressed bale is turned into a uniform lap of a particular length by opening, cleaning, blending, or mixing. The machines in the blow room can be divided into four groups. These are listed below:

A. Mixing and Blending Machinery List:

It includes-

  1. Bale plucker machine,
  2. Hopper bale breaker machine,
  3. Hopper feeder machine,
  4. Automatic blender machine,
  5. Mixing bale opener machine,
  6. Multi bale opener machine,
  7. Automatic bale opener machine,
  8. Padal bale opener machine.

B. Opening and Cleaning Machinery List:

It includes-

  1. Vertical and Crighton opener machine,
  2. Three bladed beater machine,
  3. Two bladed bater machine,
  4. Kirshner beater machine,
  5. Twine opener machine,
  6. Step cleaner machine,
  7. Porcupine opener machine,
  8. S.R.R.L opener machine,
  9. Air jet or air steam cleaner machine,
  10. Shirley opener machine.

C. Lap Forming Machinery List:

It includes-

  1. Double hopper feeder machine,
  2. Lap former machine,
  3. Two-way distribution.

Carding Section Machinery List:

Carding is the preliminary process in spun yarn technology just after the blow room process. It is the reduction of an entangled mass of fibers of the filmy web by working them between two closely spaced relatively moving surfaces closed with sharp points. The machine which is used in the carding process is listed in the following:

  1. Roller and clearer carding machine,
  2. Stationary flat carding machine,
  3. Revolving flat carding machine,
  4. Dual carding machine,
  5. Mono or single carding machine,
  6. Tandem carding machine.

Drawing Frame Machine:

It is a process in short-staple spinning. In the drawing frame section, the sliver is blended, doubled, leveled, and drafted bypassing the sliver through a series of pairs of rollers where each pair moving faster than the previous one. The machine which is used in the drawing frame is called a drawing frame machine.

Lap Former Machine:

Lap former machine is used in spinning industry to prepare the lap.

Combing Machine:

Combing is the process of straightening and parallelizing fibers and the removal of short fibers and impurities by using a comb on combs assisted by brushes and rollers. The machine which is used in the combing process is called the combing machine.

Simplex or Roving Frame Machine:

In the simplex or roving frame section, the sliver is subjected to one or more attenuating processes and the attenuated sliver receives a small amount of twist and is then wound on bobbins suitable for creeling at the next process.

Ring Frame Machine:

The main objects of the ring frame machine are to draft the roving fed to the ring frame and to wind up the resulting yarn onto the bobbin.

Rotor Spinning Machine:

This type of spinning machine is a fast, effective open-end yarn spinning machine with an impurity discharge system, which is self-exhausting. The yarn which is produced by using a rotor spinning machine is used mainly to weave gloves, denim, and towels.

Auto Coner or Cone Winding Machine:

Auto coner is the last and final machine used in the yarn spinning process. It is used for making various lengths and sizes of cone packages.

Jute Spinning Machinery List:

List of machines used in jute spinning are –

  1. Jute first draw frame machine,
  2. Jute second draw frame machine,
  3. Jute third draw frame machine,
  4. Jute apron draft spinning frame machine,
  5. Jute slip draft spinning frame,
  6. Breaker carding machine,
  7. Finisher carding machine.

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