Technological Changes Due to Sizing Process

Technological Changes Due to Sizing Process

What is Sizing in Textile?
Sizing process is done after completing warping process. Due to sizing, there are so many changes occurred in warp yarn such strength increases, elasticity increases, removal of projecting fibres from yarn etc. There are also some technological changes due to sizing which are explained in this article.
Sizing machine
Fig: Sizing machine
Technological Changes Due to Sizing:
Due to applying sizing process in warp yarn, the following changes have done:

  1. Abrasion resistance increases,
  2. Elasticity increases,
  3. Breaking strength increases,
  4. Extension decreases,
  5. Hairiness decreases,
  6. Stiffness increases,
  7. Yarn diameter increases,
  8. Electrostatic charge decreases,
  9. Frictional resistance increases.
All the above technological changes have explained in the below:

1. Abrasion resistance increases:
After completing sizing process in warp yarn, the gap among fibres are filled with size and coating on the outer side of the warp yarn takes place.

2. Elasticity increases:
As extensibility of the sized yarn reduces, more forces have to apply to extent the warp yarn. As a result, elasticity increases in warp yarn after completing sizing process.
3. Breaking strength increases:
During sizing, adhesive material creates bonding between fibre to fibres which ultimately increases the breaking strength of yarn. As a result, bout 20-40% breaking strength increases of the fibre here.
4. Extension decreases:
During sizing, the gap among the fibres is filled with sizing materials. As a result, the slippage among the fibres of yarn does not occur too easy, which ultimately decrease in extension.
5. Hairiness decreases:
During sizing process, protruding hairs of warp yarn fixed with the yarn end, which ultimately the causes of decreasing yarn hairiness.

6. Stiffness increases:
Pliability or flexibility of warp yarn is reduced after completing sizing process which ultimately increase yarn stiffness.

7. Yarn diameter increases:
Sizing means coating adhesive on the outer surface of the warp yarn. As a result, yarn diameter increases.

8. Electrostatic charge decreases:
During sizing process, electrostatic charge is formed due to the friction among roller and warp yarn. In sizing process, size materials contain moisture which ultimately reduces electrostatic charge.
9. Frictional resistance increases:
During sizing process, size materials makes outer surface of the warp yarn very smooth which ultimately reduces frictional resistance.

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