Types of Sizing Application Method Followed in Weaving

Sizing Process Techniques Followed in Weaving


Sizing Process Technique: 
Before woven fabric manufacturing, warp yarns are sized by using different process which is totally depends on the required quality of yarn or fabric. This article has presented a vast discussion on sizing process technique which are followed during sizing process.
Sizing machine used in weaving
Sizing machine used in weaving
Techniques of Sizing Process in Weaving: 

There are different techniques of sizing process followed in weaving factory which are mentioned in the below:

  1. Combined sizing,
  2. High pressure sizing,
  3. Foam sizing,
  4. Solvent sizing,
  5. Electrostatic sizing,
  6. Emulsion sizing,
  7. Conventional sizing,
  8. Hot melt sizing.

All the above sizing techniques have explained in the following:

1. Combined sizing: 
Combined sizing is used for sizing denim. This type of sizing is done by using two different processes. At first, the warp yarn is dyed and then sizing is done.
2. High pressure sizing: 
This type of sizing process is done by applying high pressure to impart size solution penetration into warp yarn. It should be noted here that, take up percentage is less here but drying is faster. The costing of high pressure sizing is high.
3. Foam sizing: 
In case of foam sizing, foaming agent is added in size solution. After that, produced foam is applied on the warp yarn. Foam sizing process is used for achieving light shade and higher quality yarn.
4. Solvent sizing: 
In solvent sizing, various types of organic solvent is used without water. The machine which is used here has hood to protect the evaporating of solvent. As a result, solvent loss will be very low here and solvent can be used once again. This process is very economical.
5. Electrostatic sizing: 
It is very costly process in sizing. This process is done by applying electrostatic force.
6. Emulsion sizing: 

In case of emulsion sizing, size ingredients have passed through emulsion. Here, emulsion is prepared with oil polymer and soap which are brought into emulsion form.

7. Hot melt sizing: 
In hot melt sizing process, size ingredients is prepared in the form of solid or block which placed over a grooved cylinder. Sizing materials is melt when cylinder is heated.

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