Textile and Apparel Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy in Bangladesh

What is Textile and Apparel Staff Recruitment Policy for an Organization?

The recruitment system of any industry is an entry net through which only qualified & suitable personnel can enter. The policy of recruitment should be to induct employees with appropriate qualification, training experience, intelligence etc. by which they can satisfy companies requirements and deliver services the enterprise is in need of.
Staff recruitment policy and procedure
Fig: Staff recruitment policy and procedure

Relationship Between Apparel and Textile Staff Recruitment and Organizational Performance:

One of the weakest areas of Bangladeshi apparel industries is recruitment. It goes on without any solid principle, guidelines or proper organization. Supply of qualified & trained manpower is also subtle. Very few textile and clothing manufacturing factories have any training facilities. Recruitment without any principle or policy accompanied with poor supply of qualified manpower creates a vicious cycle from which the industry cannot get rid of.

Poor staff generates poor activity, which in turn produces poor quality, poor productivity and poorly qualified new staff. It is a misfortune that higher management seems to be not eager to have or to generate qualified employees.

In many of the cases, recruitment is done on arbitrary basis without analyzing the actual need, the qualifications or suitability they have to possess and the requirements they have to satisfy. As a result, the staffing situation in the textile and apparel industries is a mess.

Textile and Apparel Staff Recruitment Policies and Procedures in Organizations:

In order to achieve the targeted goal of a company, the company must formulate service requirement for each position. They must stipulate what sort of qualification, training and experience requirements etc. are necessary. The recruitment for personnel should be advertised in the newspaper of other media so that qualified candidates could freely compete for the position. This is now known as Equal opportunity Principle so that people can be inducted based on only qualification, training, experience & other suitability and there is no discrimination in any form.

Employees, where necessary, should undergo written test and viva or a principal text in case of workers. Candidates who successfully pass the interviews & written tests or practical tests should be in the company. This is the only way of inducting qualified and suitable employees who form the backbone of an organization and lend to the organization activities that lead to quality and productivity in the enterprise.

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