Textile Dyeing Machinery List | Types of Dyeing Machine in Textile

List of Textile Dyeing Machine Used in Textile Wet Processing

Package Dyeing Machine:

Package dyeing is costly when compared with other forms of dyeing and much of this extra cost must be associated with transferring yarn from one form to another which adds no intrinsic value to the end product. A study on acrylic yarn showed that continuous tow dyeing is approximately 50% cheaper than yarn dyeing. Efforts have been made to minimize package dyeing costs by maximizing dye-lot size and pressure packing techniques.

Textile dyeing machine list
Fig: Textile dyeing machine list

The main advantage of all packages used for textured yarn is that they are prepared on the texturing machine and, therefore, eliminate one winding process for the dryer. Spun yarns have conventionally been delivered to the package dryer on perforated cones ready for dyeing or on paper cones or tubes, which should be rewound to give the correct packages for dyeing.

The former method is economical, but the dryers have little control over the package densities produced. Moreover, cone form requires expensive spacing devices and even with these, cones can slip on dyeing machine spindles giving rise to the channeling of liquor and uneven dyeing. The machine load is less and flow properties are poor in cone form as compared to parallel-sided packages. The principle advantage claimed for cone-dyeing methods is that the dyeing package is prepared by the spinner and this constitutes the delivery package to the fabric producer, thereby eliminating two winding operations by using a dyeing machine.

What Types of Dyeing Machines Used in Textile?

I have fully discussed textile dyeing machine, hank dyeing machine, package dyeing machine, jet dyeing machine, textile dyeing machine manufacturers list in other articles related with dyeing machine. In this article, I have presented a list of textile dyeing machinery which are vastly used in textile wet processing technology.

Various types of textile dyeing machines are used in wet processing technology; those are mentioned here according to textile materials:

  1. Fiber dyeing m/c,
  2. Yarn dyeing m/c,
  3. Fabric dyeing m/c.

All the fiber, yarn, and fabric dyeing machines are mentioned below:

1. Fibre Dyeing M/C:

  • Jagen barg dyeing m/c,
  • Hussong loose cotton dyeing m/c,
  • Ober Maier dyeing m/c,
  • Annual cage for loose stock dyeing m/c,
  • Conical pan loose stock dyeing m/c,
  • Simplex dyeing m/c,
  • Long close loose cotton dyeing m/c,
  • Dreze dyeing m/c.

2. Yarn Dyeing M/C:

  • Package form:
  • Cop dyeing m/c,
  • Warp dyeing m/c,
  • Cheese dyeing m/c.

Hank Form:

  • Hussong hank dyeing m/c,
  • Pulsator hand-dyeing m/c,
  • G.S.H hand-dyeing m/c,
  • Clauder Weldon hand-dyeing m/c.

Warp Dyeing M/C:

  • Chain warp dyeing m/c,
  • Zittau bean dyeing m/c,
  • Ball warps dyeing m/c.

Cop Dyeing M/C:

  • Beaumont cop dyeing m/c,
  • Mather and Platt cop dyeing m/c,
  • Long close cop dyeing m/c.

Cheese Dyeing M/C:

  • Ober Maier cheese dyeing m/c,
  • Krantz GOP cheese dyeing m/c,
  • Franklin cheese dyeing m/c.

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